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6th - LA Geography

Physical geography of Latin America

____________________ is a key factor in the climate and vegetation of Latin America because so much of it is covered with mountains. elevation
Many countries in Latin America have begun to diversify their ____________________ in order to be sure that they always can make money. economy
The ____________________ are a land region of South America that is similar to the Central Plains of the US and is used for farming and raising cattle. pampas
The middle of Mexico is covered with a large ____________________ that covers over half of the region and is where most of the population lives. plateau
____________________ is an ocean current that flows along the western coast of South America and affects the climate of Latin America. El Nino
Many people in Latin America are moving from ____________________ areas into cities hoping to improve their quality of life. rural
Central America is located on an ____________________ that connects North America and South America. isthmus
Most farmers in Latin America are ____________________ who own small plots of land and practice subsistence farming. campesinos
____________________ is produced by flowing water that is harnessed by large dams built on rivers. hydroelectricity
Since the 1950s population in _________________ areas of Latin America has increased more dramatically than the rest of the region. urban
Many Latin American countries have started to __________________ their economies by building up a variety of industries. diversify
The islands of the Caribbean are all either the tops of underwater mountains, or they are made up of ____________________. coral
In the 1900s, many foreign companies began to ____________________ in the economies of Latin America. invest
There are many ____________________ that empty into the Amazon River. tributaries
Which is the only hemisphere that contains ALL of Latin America? western
Why is Mexico’s Central Plateau an important region? it has most of the country's cities and farmland
What makes the soil in the farmland in Mexico and Central America fertile? volcanic ash
When the price of copper goes down, how does this affect the economy of Chile? the economy suffers
The types of vegetation that grows in the Andes is influenced in large part by what? elevation
Hydroelectricity is produced using what type of body of water? rivers
The drop in oil prices in the 1980s probably helped to convince Venezuela to do what? diversify its economy
What are the 3 regions of Latin America? Mexico & Central America, South America, the Caribbean
What is the name for the long mountain range that runs along the west coast of South America? Andes
What type of vegetation would you expect to find in the Amazon Basin? tropical rain forest
Which word best describes the climate regions of Latin America? diverse
Which landforms make trade and travel difficult in South America? Andes Mountains and Amazon Rain Forest
What is one result of the population boom in Latin America? people moving to cities
Why has foreign investment become a problem for Latin American countries? foreign companies control their economies
How have many Latin American countries tried to control foreign investment in recent years? keeping foreign companies from buying too much land
How does latitude affect climates in Latin America? it gets colder the farther you get from the Equator
How does elevation affect climates in Latin America? it gets colder as you get higher above sea level
How do winds affect climate in the Caribbean? cool the land and bring more rain
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