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Outer Space

Roman/Greek god names Mercury? Messenger God / swiftest planet
Roman/Greek god names for Venus? Goddess of love & beauty / brightest object in night sky
Roman/Greek god names for Earth? Means dirt / no special reason
Roman/Greek god names for Mars? God of war / red soil
Roman/Greek god names for Jupiter? King of the Gods / biggest planet
Roman/Greek god names for Saturn? God of Agriculture / no reason
Roman/Greek god names for Uranus? Father of King of the Gods / no reason
Roman/Greek god names for Neptune? God of the sea / blue planet
What 3 things do planets need to possess in order to be a planet? Size, spherical, and orbits the sun
What 3 things do other planets need to possess in order to have life like we do on Earth? Temperature, atmosphere, liquid water
What's the difference between "rotation" and "revolution?" rotation = spin, revolution = orbit
What's the difference between an astronomical unit (AU) and a light year (LY)? AU – distance from sun to earth, LY – distance light travels in one year
How long is one of earth's rotation? What do we call that? 24 hours, 1 day
How long is one of earth's orbit around the sun? What do we call that? 365.25 days, 1 year
What causes seasons? 23 degree tilt & the 365 day orbit
What is the geometric name for the shape of earth's orbit? Elliptical (but remember, its essentially a circle!!)
If it is winter in the N. Hemisphere, what season is it in the S. Hemisphere? Summer
What and when is the Summer Solstice? June 20th – longest day
What and when is the Winter Solstice? Dec 20th – shortest day
What and when is the Fall Equinox? Sept 20th – equal daylight nighttime hours
What and when it the Spring Equinox? March 20th – equal daylight nighttime hours
Are the seasons more mild or more crazy at earth's north and south poles? Crazy
What does "eclipse" mean? To cover up, to go in front of…
Solar eclipse literally means …. The sun is being “eclipsed” (covered up) by the moon
Lunar eclipse literally means … The moon is being “eclipsed” (covered up) by the earth
How big is the moon compared to the sun? 400x
How far away compared to the sun? 400x
Why don't we have a lunar and solar eclipse every month? The moon’s orbit is 5% tilted off of the earth’s orbit around the sun.
How was the moon made? A large asteroid hit the earth causing pieces of the asteroid and earth to be ejected.
Gravity? 1/6 of earth
How hot during the day? 265F
How cold during the night? -310F
What does the phrase “far side of the moon mean?” It’s a reference to the back half of the moon
What are the 5 main shapes of the moon? Crescent, quarter, gibbous, full, and new
What does waxing mean? To grow
What does waning mean? To shrink
What does crescent mean? Cresent shape
What does gibbous mean? To stick out
Are all stars the same? No
Do stars have a life cycle? Yes
Do stars rotate around larger things or do they just stand still in space while everything else moves around them? Stars are part of a galaxies and rotate around the black holes in the middle of the galaxies
Are galaxies made of universes or are universes made of galaxies? Universes made of galaxy
What's at the center of most galaxies? Super-massive black holes
Is the universe getting bigger, smaller, or staying the same size? Bigger
Why do we think everything started with a big bang? Since everything is moving away from everything else, if you rewind the “tape” of the universe that means at the beginning everything was right next to each other.
How do we know anything about anything in outer space? Light, Electromagnetic Spectral Signature, and Red Shifts
What are Red Shifts? As any object moves away from another object the visible light section of the EM spectrum receives more red wavelengths of light causing the light to be more red in color.
What are Electrom;agnetic Spectral Signature? Every object in the universe has a unique pattern of the EM spectrum that it absorbs and reflects.
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