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Chapter 11

combining forms and terms

angi/o vessel
aort/o aorta
arter/o, arteri/o artery
ather/o yellowish plaque, fatty substance
atri/o atrium, upper heart chamber
brachi/o arm
cardi/o heart
cholesterol/o cholesterol
coron/o heart
cyan/o blue
myx/o mucus
ox/o oxygen
pericardi/o pericardium
phleb/o vein
rrhythm/o rhythm
sphygm/o pulse
steth/o chest
thromb/o clot
valvul/o, valv/o valve
vas/o vessel
vascul/o vessel
ven/o, ven/i vein
ventricul/o ventricle, lower heart chamber
-constriction narrowing
-dilation widening
-emia blood condition
-graphy process of recording
-lysis to breakdown
-megaly enlargement
-meter measure
-oma mass, tumor
-osis condition
-plasty surgical repair
-sclerosis hardening
-stenosis tightening
-tomy to cut
a-, an- no, not, without
brady- slow
de- down, removal of
dys- abnormal
endo- within
hyper- above, excessive
hypo- below, deficient
inter- between
peri- surrounding
tachy- fast, rapid
tetra- four
tri- three
angiogram record of a blood vessel
angioplasty surgical repair of a blood vessel
aortic stenosis narrowing of the aorta
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
arterial anastomosis surgical connection between arteries
atherectomy removal of fatty mass in a vessel
atheroma collection of fatty material in an artery
atherosclerosis hardening of arteries with deposit of fatty substance
atrial pertaining to an upper chamber of the heart
Atrioventricular pertaining to an atrium and ventricle
brachial artery artery that branches from the aorta to bring blood to the arm
Bradycardia Slow heartbeat
cardiomegaly Enlargement of the heart
cardiomyopathy Disease of heart muscle
coronary arteries arteries branch from the aorta to bring oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle
cyanosis bluish discoloration
diastole relaxation phase of the heartbeat
electrocardiogram record of electricity in the heart
endocardium inner lining of the heart
endothelium innermost lining of blood vessels
hypercholesterolemia condition of excessive cholesterol in blood
hypoxia inadequate O2 in tissues
interventricular septum wall separating the ventricles of heart
mitral valve valve between left atrium and left ventricle
mitral valvulitis inflammation of the mitral valve
myxoma benign tumor of the heart
pericardiocentesis surgical puncture of the pericardium
pericardium membrane surrounding heart
endarterectomy removal of inner lining of artery
atheroma collection of fatty material in an artery
arterial anastomosis surgical connection between arteries
tachycardia fast heartbeat
phlebotomy incision of a vein
systole contraction phase of the heartbeat
sphygmomanometer instrument to measure blood pressure
pulse beat of the heart
venule small vein
vena cava largest vein in the body
Created by: Stark Med Terms