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Cloud Cards

Which gas is the MOST important for understanding atmospheric pressure? Water vapor.
Rain, snow, sleet, & hail are all examples of? Precipitation.
What can change from 1 state of matter to another at the temperature & pressures experienced at Earth's surface? Carbon dioxide,nitrogen,oxygen,water, & methane.
Water vapor makes up of what percentage of the atmosphere? 0-4%.
What is condensation? Water that collects as droplets on a cold surface.
What is evaporation? A type of vaporization of a liquid that occurs from the surface of a liquid into a gaseous phase.
What is the difference between sleet and glaze? Sleet is precipitation in the form of ice pellets created by the freezing of rain as it falls. And glaze is freezing rain.
What type of precipitation increases in size as they circulate within the cloud by forming layers of ice? Nimbus clouds.
What 2 characteristics can classify clouds? Cumulonimbus & nimbus clouds.
What term means "rainy cloud"? Nimbus clouds.
Which clouds are associated with thunder & lightning? Cumulonimbus clouds.
What is fog? A thick cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere.
What type of cloud are used for hail? Nimbus clouds.
What are the 5 MAIN types of precipitation? Rain, snow, hail, freezing rain, sleet.
Which type of precipitation are raindrops that are super-cooled 0 degrees Celsius and turns into ice when they impact the ground? Freezing rain.
Which type of water falls out from a cloud? Precipitation.
What is a cumulonimbus cloud, and what else can it be called? A cloud that shoots out thunder & lightning, it can be called by its size and height.
What is temperature inversion? Condition in which the temperature of the atmosphere increases.
Define relative humidity. The amount of water vapor present in air expressed as a percentage of the amount needed for saturation at the same temperature.
What type of cloud can create infrequent light snow or drizzle? Cumulonimbus clouds.
What is frontal wedging? The lifting of air masses.
How do clouds form When warm air rises, it expands and cools.
What do we call temperature that air needs to be cooled to reach saturation? The dew point.
What are the 4 processes that lift air? Orthographic lifting frontal wedging, convergence, & localized convective lifting.
Which process of lifting air is associated with mountains that act as barriers to wind? Orthographic lifting.
Which of the following is NOT produced by condensation? High altitude.
Give examples of condensation nuclei. 1/100th (the size of a cloud.)
Which cloud type is described as sheets or layers that cover most of the sky? Cirrostratus clouds.
Which cloud type consists of separate rounded masses? Stratocumulus clouds.
Which term is used to describe clouds of middle height? Altostatus.
Created by: daisyemme7