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Latin Comparison Adv

Adverbs - positive, comparative, superlative forms

ignaviter lazily positive
fortius more bravely comparative
lentissime most slowly superlative
misere miserably positive
vehementer vigorously positive
laete happily positive
graviter heavily positive
gravius more heavily comparative
gravissime most heavily superlative
laetius more happily comparative
laetissime most happily superlative
ignavius more lazily comparative
ignavissime most lazily superlative
fortiter bravely positive
fortissime most bravely superlative
lente slowly positive
lentius more slowly comparative
miserius more miserably comparative
miserrime most miserably superlative
neglegenter negligently positive
neglegentius more negligently comparative
neglegentissime most negligently superlative
ferociter fiercely positive
ferocius more fiercely comparative
ferocissime most fiercely superlative
irate angrily positive
iratius more angrily comparative
iratissime most angrily superlative
bene well positive
melius better comparative
optime best superlative
male badly positive
peius worse comparative
pessime worst superlative
magne largely positive
maius more largely comparative
maxime most largely superlative
parve in a small way positive
minius (?) in a smaller way comparative
minime in the smallest way superlative
celeriter quickly positive
celerius more quickly comparative
celerrime most quickly superlative
pulchre beautifully positive
pulchrius more beautifully comparative
pulcherrime most beautifully superlative
breviter briefly positive
brevius more briefly comparative
brevissime most briefly superlative
Created by: magistra12