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心血來潮 to be prompted by a sudden impulse
安裝 to set up
上癮 to habituate
無聊 boring
練功 to practice one's skill
嘮叨 to talk on and on
體會 to realize
困擾 to bother
足不出戶 never leave one's home
開朗 optimistic
煩惱 worried
興致勃勃 cheerful and energetic
沉迷 to indulge
擔心 to worry
適時 at the right moment
提醒 to remind
溝通 to communicate with
管理 to manage
依賴 to rely on
科技 science and technology
符合 to conform with
妨礙 interference
曾經 once
滿足 satisfaction
欺騙 to cheat
逃避 to shirk
網路成癮症 internet addiction
Created by: chao-yun
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