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CNA 2016 C42*

Assisted Living

Some people choose assisted living because they need help with activities of daily living
Assisted living offers a setting that offers independence and companionship
Standard Precautions and the Blood borne Pathogen Standard are followed in assisted living. True
Most assisted living residents need help with eating
Assist living units must have a door that locks, adequate lighiting
Bathrooms in assisted living must have grab bars
Kitchens in assisted living must have a sink
The hot water at 130 degrees F is unsafe. True
Employees at ALR have access to the first aide kit. True
An ALR admits persons with Alzheimers disease. The ALR must provide staff with required training
Assisted living caregivers need training in the needs and goals of ALR residents, food prep, service and storage, early signs of illness
Criminal background and fingerprint checks are common staff requirements. True
ALR usually require that residents be mobile
______________ lists services needed by the resident. Service plan
ALRs usually offer 24 Hour supervision and security
Assisted living residents receive 3 meals a day and snacks
Special eating utensils are provided as needed. True
How often should you dust furniture? at least weekly
How often should you vacuum floors? at least weekly
A resident spills coffee. When should you wipe up the spill? right away
Sinks are rinsed after washing hair
Bathroom surfaces are cleaned every day
The bathroom wastebasket is emptied every day
the person's shower is cleaned after each use
When handling meat and poultry, you need to follow Safe handling instructions
Containers with left-over food are dated
you are washing eating and cooking utensils. Which do you wash first? glasses
How should you dry eating and cooking utensils? By letting the air dry in a drainer
You are using a dishwasher for eating and cooking utensils. They are ______________ before loading. rinsed
________________is used to remove grease spills and splashes. liquid surface cleaner
Sinks are cleaned with a sink cleaner
Left-over food and soiled supplies are disposed of after each meal
You are assisting with laundry. A garment is heavily soiled. What should you do? Wear gloves and wash it separately
To protect garments from damage: Follow care label directions
Laundry is sorted by color and fabric
______________ prevents damage to laundry emptying pockets
The six rights of drug administration include: drug, person, documentation, dose, route, time
A person needs help taking drugs. State laws usually allow you to remind the person that it is time to take the drugs
A resident says: “I usually take this pill after lunch. I haven’t eaten yet.” What should you do? check with the nurse
A medication record includes drug name, dose, directions, and route
Pill organizers can be prepared by family, nurse
The ALR stores a resident’s drugs. Where are the person’s drugs kept? in a locked container or area
An ________________occurs if the person takes the wrong drug error
Expired or discontinued drugs are flushed down the toilet. False
________________plans, organizes, and conducts activity programs. Activities director
To leave the building in an emergency, a resident requires an attendant. The attendant is needed ________ hours a day. 24
Assisted living residents have the right to refuse services. True
Assisted living residents have the right to privacy True
Assisted living residents have the right to be free from restraints. True
Assisted living residents have the right to participate in community activities True
What are reasons for transfer, discharge, or eviction from the ALR? The facility closes, the resident stops paying, the resident refuses treatments, etc..
Created by: heatherhibbs