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8th Science U7L3b

Land Features

a large mass of ice that exists year-round and flows slowly over land. glacier
formed by weathering and erosion as rock is carved out along a shoreline. sea cave
the continued weathering and erosion along the shoreline that wears a hole through to the other side. sea arch
created by one or both sides of a collapsed sea arch. sea stack,
rocky pieces of land that project out into the water as some parts of the shoreline erode faster than others. headlands
a flat shelf of rock formed at the base of a sea cliff as the cliff is eroded back into the mainland. wave-cut platform
a ridge of sand, gravel, or shell material that extends from a shoreline. spit
a spit that connects the mainland with an island. tombolo
the main feature of coastal deposits. beach
a long and narrow landform that forms parallel to the shoreline a short distance offshore. barrier islands
a deep, narrow valley surrounded by tall cliffs. canyon
formed when flowing water deposits sediment in a large fan shaped mass. alluvial fan
formed when cycles of flooding cause layers of sediment to build up. floodplain
where streams enter oceans forming deposits at the river’s mouth. delta
formed as groundwater drips from cave ceilings; icicle-shaped deposits that “hang” from the ceiling of caves. stalactites
formed as water drips onto the floor, building up rock pillars. stalagmites
bowl-shaped hollows carved by glaciers. cirques
a sharp pyramid-shaped peak. glacial horn
a sharp, horizontal ridge that rns along a glacially carved mountain. arête
deposits of rock an sediment left behind as glaciers melt. glacial tills
large piles of glacial tills. moraines
glacial till shaped into elongated hills. drumlins
a small depression formed when pieces of a glacier breaks off and becomes covered with glacial till. kettle lakes
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