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CNA 2016 C. 38*

Mental Health Problems

Affect relates to Feelings and emotions
Anxiety is a vague, uneasy feeling in response to stress
The repeating of an act over and over again is compulsion
Which is used to block unpleasant or threatening feelings? defense mechanisms
A delusion is a false belief
A delusion of grandeur is an exaggerated belief about one's importance, wealth, power, or talents
A hallucination is seeing, hearing, smelling or feeling something that is not real
An obsession is a recurrent, unwanted, thought, idea, or image
Panic is an intense and sudden feeling of fear, anxiety, terror, or dead
Paranoia is false beliefs and suspicion about a person or situation
Phobia is intense fear, panic, or dread
Psychosis means that the person has severe mental impairments
Stress is the response or change in the body caused by emotional, physical, social or economic factor
A stressor is any factor that causes stress
A person is able to cope with and adjust to everyday stresses. The person is mentally healthy
A person's ability to cope and adjust to stress is disturbed. Behavior and function are impaired. The person has a: mental illness
Genetics is a cause of mental health disorders
The person with anxiety senses real or imagined danger or harm
Anxiety levels are higher in persons with mental health disorders
Signs and symptoms of anxiety: dry mouth, sweating, poor attention span
Defense mechanisms are used by everyone
A woman wants to be a lawyer. Her family does not have the money to send her to law school. She decides to be a teacher. What defense mechanism is she using? Compensation
You are unhappy with your supervisor. You call in sick because of a headache. What defense mechanism are you using? Conversion
A new resident waits at the front door for her daughter to take her home. What defense mechanism is she using? denial
A person’s eyeglasses break. Your supervisor blames you. At home you scold your family for not helping with dinner. What defense mechanisms are you using? displacement
You admire the way that a nurse dresses and styles her hair. You try to do the same. What defense mechanism are you using? Identification
You forgot to assist a resident with ambulation. You blame the nurse for not reminding you. What defense mechanism are you using? Projection
You forgot to assist a resident with ambulation. You tell the nurse that you have too much work to do. What defense mechanism are you using? rationalization
You do not like a co-worker. You invite him to a party at your home. What defense mechanism are you using? reaction formation
A husband asks his wife for a divorce. She starts sucking her thumb. What defense mechanism is she using? regression
A person does not remember being told about the need for nursing center care. What defense mechanism is being used? Repression
____________ is the highest level of anxiety panic
A resident has agoraphobia. This means that the person has an intense fear of being in an open, crowded, or public space
Fear of darkness is__________________ Nyctophobia
A resident washes her hands over and over many times during the day. This behavior is a compulsion
Schizophrenia usually involves delusions of grandeur and delusions of persecution
Sitting for hours without moving, speaking, or responding are common in persons with schizophrenia
Infant-like behavior, such as bedwetting, may occur in those persons with schizophrenia
The person with bipolar disorder has extremes in mood, energy, and ability to function
Rapid speech occurs in the _______ phase of bipolar disorder manic
A person has major depression. __________________ is a risk. suicide
Depression in older persons is often overlooked
The person with an __________ personality has poor judgment, lacks responsibility and is hostile with others. anitsocial
The person with a ___________ personality has intense bouts of anger, depression, and anxiety that last for hours or most of the day borderline
The overuse of a drug for its non-medical or non-therapy effects is drug abuse
Substance abuse affects school and work performance, relationships, health, appearance, and behavior.
____________ is a chronic relapsing brain disease in which the person has an overwhelming desire to take a drug drug addiction
A resident has a drug addiction. The person has a___________ chronic brain disease
Over time, heavy drinking of alcohol damages the brain, central nervous system, liver, heart, stomach, and kidneys
Risk factors for alcoholism lifestyle and genetics
The effects of alcohol vary with age
A resident has a cocktail every evening before bedtime. This means that the person has a drinking problem. False
Persons with mental health disorders do not have the right to quality of life False
The highest rate of suicide was among which group? white men
When a person tells you they don’t want to live anymore, you should call the nurse at once
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