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Lipid Vocab

A family of chemical compounds that are a main component in every living cell lipids
The largest class of lipids; include nearly all of the fats and oils that people typically eat triglycerides
pockets of fat storing cells adipose tissue
most of the fatty acids contain all the hydrogen atoms that they can hold (single bonds) saturated fat
most of the fatty acids are missing hydrogen bonds unsaturated fat
the term that describes the unpleasant flavors that develop as fats oxidize rancid
when hydrogen is added to unsaturated fat, breaking some double bonds and putting in single bonds hydrogenation
a sterol, a fatty alcohol made from glucose or saturated fatty acids cholesterol
a mound of lipid material mixed with calcium and smooth muscle cells plaque
hardening of the arteries - a buildup of plaque along the inner walls of the arteries atherosclerosis
large, complex molecules of lipids and protein that carry lipids in the blood lipoproteins
Created by: kremus