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Weather Pt 2

Air Pressure, Winds, Fronts, Storms

What are the three properties of air? air has mass air takes up space Air exerts pressure
What gases make up air? nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide
What gas makes up most of the air? nitrogen
What is the blanket of air called that surrounds the earth? atmosphere
What layer of the atmosphere contains all the weather? tropposphere
Airplanes fly in what layer of the atmosphere? stratosphere
What instrument measures air pressure? barometer
If the barometer is rising, what is happening to the weather? Cool and dry
If the barometer is falling, what is happening to the weather? moist and warm air, possible rain
What is a large body of air that has similar temperature and moisture? air mass
What do you call the boundary where two air masses meet? a front
What kind of front has a cold air mass that pushes under a warm air mass? a cold front
What kind of front has a warm air mass that covers a cold air mass? a warm front
What kind of front has little movement and neither cold or warm fronts take over? a stationary front
What kind of weather follows a warm front? long periods of light rain or snow
What kind of weather can happen with a cold front? A thunderstorm, followed by cooler and dryer weather
What type of storm has rapidly circling tubes of air that can form severe thunderstorms? A tornado
What do you call a tornado that is up in the clouds and hasn't touched down on the ground? A funnel cloud
What type of storm occurs when warm moist air along front is pushed up suddenly by cold dry air? A thunderstorm
During a thunderstorm what do you call the flashes of light and the loud claps of noise? lightning and thunder
What type of storm is violent and forms over a warm ocean? Hurricane
What is the area of a hurricane that is calm and mainly located in the center called? the eye
What does a hurricane need for its energy source? warm ocean
Which property of air explains why another object and air cannot be in the same space? air takes up space
Which property of air explains why air is matter and weighs something? air has mass
Which property of air makes it possible for air to move things? air exerts pressure
What do you call the area in the United States where most of the tornadoes occur? tornado alley
Created by: tinaclarke