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Latin Emperors

Who built the Domus Area? Nero
Who was emperor during the great fire of Rome? (Who was blamed?) Nero
Who was an artist? Nero
Who was part of the year of four emperors? Vespasian
Who started the Coliseum? Vespasian
Who had made the Conquest of Judia? Vespasian
What did Titus have? An arch
Who finished the Coliseum? Titus
Who was emperor when Vesuvius erupted? Titus
Who was general and loved by the army? Domitian
Who restored Rome? Domitian
Who was hated by the senate? Domitian
Who was the first of five good emperors? Nerva
Who had public works? Nerva
Who returned lands to the people? Nerva
Who was emperor during the Dacian Wars? Trajan
Who had a forum? Trajan
Who expanded Rome? Trajan
Who had a wall? Hadrian/Antoninus Pius
Who strengthened Rome's boundaries? Hadrian
Who restored the Coliseum? Antoninus Pius
Who wrote Meditations? Marcus Aurelius
Who was emotionless (stoic)? Marcus Aurelius
Who was passive? Marcus Aurelius
Who was a gladiator? Commodus
Who thought he was Hercules? Commodus
Who was disliked? Commodus
Who was African? Severus
Who was superstitious? Severus
Who had an arch? Titus/Severus
Who made baths? Caracalla
Who murdered thousands? Caracalla
Who erased his brother, Geta? Caracalla
Who thought he was the sun god? Elagabalus
Who was young? (teen) Elagabalus
Who was perverse? Elagabalus
Who defeated the Goths? Claudius II (Gothicus)
Who was emperor during the Battle of Naissus? Cladius II (Gothicus)
Who made the Column of Istanbul? Claudius II (Gothicus)
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