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Indian History

Review for quiz on Indian History

Name one of the early Indian empires. Maurya Empire, Gupta Empire, or Mughal Empire
Which Indian empire developed the Arabic numerals which we use today? Gupta Empire
Name the Indian empire which introduced the religion of Islam to the Indian subcontinent. Mughal Empire
Name the Indian emperor who built the Taj Mahal as a tomb for his wife. Shah Jahan
Which group of invaders introduced the caste system to India? Aryans
Identify one reason that European nations began to explore India and other parts of the globe in the 1400's. Trade, wealth, fame, power, spread Christianity
Which was the first European nation to reach India? Portugal
Who was the European explorer who reached India in 1498? Vasco da Gama
What was one item of trade which the Europeans desired from India? Tea, cotton, indigo, spices
By the 1700's one European nation had become dominant in India. Name the nation. Great Britain or the United Kingdom
Great Britain gave one company a monopoly on trade between India and Britain. Name the company. British East India Company
Initially Great Britain allowed some local Indian princes to continue to rule areas of the country with the help of British advisors. What was the title of these Indian princes? Maharajahs
In 1857 an Indian revolt against British rule led to direct rule by Great Britain. Name this revolt. Sepoy Revolt
The British were generally good rulers and brought many benefits to India. Name one of the benefits. Better roads, increase in railroads, improved education, more hospitals and better healthcare
In 1919 the British used force to break-up a peaceful protest; almost 400 unarmed Indians were killed. What was the name of this event? Massacre at Amritsar
Name the British general responsible for ordering the use of force against Indian protesters. General Reginald Dyer
Who is knows as the Father of Modern India? Mohandas Gandhi
Gandhi was given a title which means "great soul"; what was that title? Mahatma
What was Gahdhi's profession? Lawyer
Identify one of the tactics (methods) used by Gandhi. Boycotts, civil disobedience, fasting
Gandhi believed that Hindus and Muslims could share power in an independent India. Name the political party which shared that belief. Congress Party
In 1919 the British agreed in principle to the idea of Indian independence. Name the agreement. Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms
In 1930 Gandhi led a March to the Sea to protest the British tax on an important product. Name this product. Salt
Name the Indian group which urged Britain to divide Indian into two countries, one Muslim and one Hindu. Muslim League
Name the leader of the Muslim League. Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Following WWII the British appointed this man to prepare India for independence. Name him. Lord Mountbatten, Viceroy of India
British India was divided into two states, one Hindu and one Muslim in 1947. Name the Muslim state created when India was partitioned. Pakistan (East and West)
Name the type of government adopted by an independent India. Democracy (the world's largest)
India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru
In 1972 East Pakistan became an independent country. Name this new country. Bangladesh
The Indus river valley was one of the cradles of civilization. Name one city which was developed by this early civilization. Mohenjo-Daro
Name given by Gandhi to India's "untouchables". Term means "children of God" Harijan
Hindus god of creation Brahma
Hindu god who comes to earth in different forms to make things right Vishnu
The Hindu belief that life is a cycle of birth, death and rebirth until liberation is reached Reincarnation
Duties associated with a Hindu person's place in society Dharma
Rama, Krishna, Buddha Avatars (forms) of the Hindu god Vishnu
Social group into which one is born and from which he cannot move caste
Highest caste whose members are teachers and priests Brahmin
Hindu worship - can be done at temple, outdoors, or at home Puja
First woman prime minister of India Indira Gandhi
Hindu belief that one's place in society is determined by performance in previous lives karma
Animal sacred to Hindus Cow
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