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Red Immoral, blood, emotions, danger
Black cold, negative, death
White innocence, life, light, purity
green nature, hope, new life
Yellow rotting, heat, decay, approach of death
Blue cool, calm, peaceful, sadness
Pink femininity
Purple royalty
Brown poverty
Orange vitality
Violet clarity of mind
Spring birth, new beginning
Summer maturity, knowledge
Autumn decline, nearing death, growing old
Winter death, sleep, hibernation or stagnation
Chestnut foresight
Oak strength, wisdom
Popular pain, sacrifice, grief, a funeral tree
Sycamore vanity
Pine immortality because of its evergreen foliage
Weeds evil, outcasts of society
Flowers beauty, youth, strength, gentleness
Water washes away guilt, origin of life, regeneration
River Fluidity of life, stream of life and death
Moon changing and returning of shape, feminine symbol
Sun source of light, heat and life, a masculine symbol
Mountain places where heaven and earth meet, stability, safety
Rubies good fortune, believe to banish sorrow and warded off evil spirits
Sapphires contemplation, purity
Gold a perfect metal, a reflection of heavenly light, wealth
Pearl associated with water, knowledge and wealth
East land of birth or rebirth, renewal, youth song and love
North coldness, alienation, hostility
South warmth and comfort
West land of evening, old age
Snow blanket which obscures, covers or even smothers
Fog prevents clear vision
Rain sadness or despair of new life
Wind and storms violent human emotions
Lightning can either be life-giving or death dealing, power, strength
Morning tome of God's blessing, the beginning of when all is still uncorrupted, purity
Rainbows intermediaries between heaven and earth, cycles of rebirth
Thunder the voice of God or Gods
Dove peace
Fox slyness, cleverness
Raven death, destruction, conductor of the soul
Lion a solar symbol, power, pride
Peacock pride, vanity
Serpent/ Snake temptation, evil
Mouse Shyness, meekness
Hawk sharp, keen eyesight
Owl wisdom, rational knowledge, messenger of death
Salmon instinct
Cats often viewed as serpents of the underworld, cunning, forethought, ingenuity
Cuckoo jealousy and parasitism, it lays eggs in the nests of other birds, laziness
Bones strength and virtue
Hands strength and weakness
Eyes windows to the soul or barometer of emotions
Knee bodily strength
Cape when monks or nuns withdraw from the world they cover themselves in a cape, withdrawal into oneself
Cloak human trickery and the different personalities humans can assume
Chain the bond which connect heaven and earth or ties together 2 extremes or beings
Key the power to enter a place, town, house
Mirror unbroken, happy marriage; broken, unhappy marriage
Forest usually a place of evil or mystery
An isolated setting alienation, loneliness
Garden paradises of a haven
Window freedom or lack thereof
Park a place for retreat or renewal
Parlor vanity
Created by: Mrs.SK


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