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atmosphere vocab

atmosphere the mixture of gases that surrounds the Earth
ozone a form of oxygen that has 3 oxygen atoms in each molecule instead of the usual 2 it is a toxic form of oxygen
air pollution a change to the atmosphere that has harmful effects
emissions solid particles and gases released into the air from a smokestack or motor vehicle
photochemical smog a brownish haze that is a mixture of ozone and other chemical formed when nitrogen oxide , hydrocarbons , and other pollutants react with one another.
tempreture inversion the condition in witch a layer of warm air traps polluted air close to the earths surface
acid rain rain that is more acidic than normal caused by the release of molecules of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the air
cloroflourocarbons chlorine compounds formerly used in air conditioners and refridgerators,and spray cans; also called CFCs
greenhouse effect the process by which heat is trapped in the atmosphere by water vapor , carbon dioxide, methane , and other gases that form a blanket around the Earth
greenhouse gases gases in the atmosphere that trap heat
global warming a gradual increse in the tempreture of the earths atmosphere
altitude elevation above sea level
troposphere the lowest layer of the earths atmosphere, where weather occurs
stratosphere the second lowest layer of the earths atmosphere the ozone layer is located in the upper stratosphere
mesosphere the middle layer of the earths atmosphere the layer where most metoriods burn up
thermosphere the outer most layer of the earths atmosphere
ionosphere the lower part of the thermosphere where electrically charged particles called ions are found
aurora borealis a colorful , glowing display in the sky caused when particles from the sun strike oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the ionosphere also called the northern lights
exosphere the outer layer of the thermosphere extending outward into space
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