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KOV #1

Action, Origin, Insertion of KOV #1 Muscles

Nickname for the Trapezius? The Coat Hanger (pg. 97 KOV manual)
Three sections of the Trapezius? Upper, Mid, Lower (Although there are three sections its still JUST ONE muscle) (pg.97 KOV manual)
Action of the Upper Trapezius? Scapular elevation and rotation (pg.97 KOV manual)
Action of the middle Trapezius? Scapular Retraction (Adduction)(pg.97 KOV manual)
Action of the Lower Trapezius? Scapular depression and roatation (pg.97 KOV manual)
Origin sites for the Trapezius? Medial third of the Superior nuchal line External Occipital Protuberance Ligamentum nuchae C-7 and all thoracic vertebrae (Spinous Process, Supraspinous lig. C7-T12) (pg.97 KOV manual)
Insertion points for Upper, Mid, and Lower Trap? Upper - Lateral third of clavicle, medial margin of acromion Mid - Entire length of scapular spine Lower trap - Root of the Scapular Spine, Scapular Spine (pg.97 KOV manual)
What is a common complaint with a tight Levator Scapula? A Stiff Neck (pg.99 KOV manual)
Actions of Levator Scapula? Scapular elevation (medial border) Scapular downward rotation (lateral angle) Scapular retraction, upward rotation (medial border) Cervical Lateral Flexion (pg.99 KOV manual)
Origin of Levator Scapula? Posterior Tubercles of the transverse processes of the first four cervical vertebrae (pg.99 KOV manual)
Insertion point of Levator Scapula? Vertebral border of the scapula at the superior angle (pg.99 KOV manual)
What is a common complaint with tight Rhomboideus Major/Minor? (Superficial) Backache (pg.101 KOV manual)
Actions of the Rhomboids? Scapular Retraction and Elevation (Medial Border) Scapular Depression (Lateral Angle) Humerus Adductor Assist Scapular Upward Rotation (Minor: Depresses Lateral Angle) (pg.101 KOV manual)
Two parts of the Rhomboids? Rhomboideus Major Rhomboideus Minor (pg.101 KOV manual)
Origin of Rhomboideus Major? Spinous Processes of T-2 through T-5, Supraspinous Ligament (pg.101 KOV manual)
Origin of Rhomboideus Minor? Spinous Processes of C-7 and T-1, Lower part of the ligamentum Nuchae (pg.101 KOV manual)
Insertion point for Rhomboideus Major? Medial Border of scapula below the spine (pg.101 KOV manual)
Insertion point for Rhomboideus Minor? Medial Border of the scapula at the root of the spine (pg.101 KOV manual)
What would be a client complaint for a tight Latissimus Dorsi? Mid-Thoracic Backache (pg.103 KOV manual)
Actions of Latissimus Dorsi? Humerus Extension, adduction, medial rotation Scapular Depression and Retraction Stabilizes the Inferior angle of the Scapula against chest wall Accessory muscle of respiration (pg.103 KOV manual)
Origins for Latissimus Dorsi? Spinous Processes of T-6 through T-12 Lumbar Vertebrae, Sacral Vertebrae, Supraspinal Ligament Posterior Iliac crest through lumbar fascia (thoracolumbar) Lower three or four ribs Inferior angle of Scapula (pg.103 KOV manual)
Insertion site for Latissimus Dorsi? Floor of the bicipital groove of the humerous (pg.103 KOV manual)
What is a common complaint from problems with Serratus Anterior? "Stitch-in-the-side" (pg.105 KOV manual)
Actions of Serratus Anterior? Scapular Rotation (Allows humeral abduction and flexion) Scapular Protraction (abduction) (pg.105 KOV manual)
Origin of Serratus Anterior? Outer surfaces and superior borders of the first eight or nine ribs, and fascia covering first intercostal space
Insertion of Serratus Anterior? Anterior Surface (Costal Surface, subscapular surface) of the medial border of the scapula
Created by: papillon.belle