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6th Earth & Space

6th Earth & Space Test Review

Foliated Metamorphic rock that has bands of mineral grains
Magma Another name for Molten rock
Metamorphic Heat and pressure produce this changed type of rock
Lithosphere Layer of the Earth that includes the upper mantle and lower crust
Iron The main element found in the Earth's core
Mantle The thickest layer of the Earth's interior
Sediments The name given to materials that come from broken down rocks and other substances
Weathering The process of breaking down rocks into smaller pieces
Erosion Movement of sediments by wind, water, gravity and glaciers
Sedimentary A type of rock produced by the compacting of materials that settle in an area over time
Intrusive Rocks that are formed inside volcanos
Molten Melted liquid rock
Lava Melted rock that flows down the outside of a volcano
Mercury The hottest planet in our solar system
Saturn A planet in our solar system that has rings
Jupiter The most massive planet in our solar system
Neptune The furthest planet from our Sun
Copernicus The 1st scientist to say that the Sun was at the center of our solar system
Galileo Galilei The man who may have invented the telescope
Pluto The best known dwarf planet
Vasomir Engine A fast space engine that may be able to take us to Mars in only 5 months
Revolution Another word to describe an orbit
Cementation A process of making sedimentary rock
Extrusive Rocks that are made from cooled lava
Igneous Rocks that form by volcanos
Created by: coach_fletcher