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Stack #213195

What are the emergency action steps? Check call care
Why does a first aid responder need to wear gloves? To prevent disease transmission
Why was the good samaritan law created? To encourage people to help in an emergency and to discourage lawsuits against first responders
Before giving care to a conscious adult, what must you obtain? Permission
What situation would require you to move an unconscious victim? They are in danger, people are in the way and you can't give care in their current location
What is the most important think you can do in an emergency? Call 911
What is the first thing you check in an emergency? The scene
You check a victim's ABCD's, what does that stand for? Airway, breathing, circulation and deadly bleeding
What are the four life-threatening conditions? Unconscious, trouble breathing, no pulse and severe bleeding
What do you do if you observe a life-threatening condition? Call 911
When you call 911, what is the first thing you give to the 911 operator? Name and location
How do you open a victim's airway? Head-chin-tilt
How many seconds do you look, listen and feel for breathing? 10
When checking a conscious adult you should check from ___ to ___. Head to Toe
When checking a conscious child you should check form ___ to ___. Toe to Head
To check for consiousness, what should you say? "Are you OK?"
How many minutes of no oxygen does it take for brain damage to be possible? 4
Why is an severe allergic reaction considered life-threatening? Trouble breathing
What is a person having if they experiencing if they have trouble breathing, pain in the chest and the start to feel dizzy? Heart Attack
What method supplies the lungs with oxygen and circulates that oxygen to the rest of the body? CPR
What is an open wound? A wound that causes the skin to break open
Why is an open wound dangerous? Infections and bleeding
What is a scrape called? Abrasion
What is a cut called? Laceration
What infection is possible if a rusty nail punctures the skin? Tetanus
How do you care for a burn? Cool and cover
What type of splint uses a body part to support the injury? Anatomic
What type of splint uses a board to support the injury? Rigid
What type of splint uses a towel to support the injury? Soft
How tight should a splint be? Snug but do not cut off circulation
Who do you call if someone is poisoned? Poison control
How should a bee stinger be removed? Scrape with finger nail or credit card
What are the heat-related injuries in order of severity? Cramps, exhaustion and stroke
How do you treat a heat-related injury? Cool slowly, remove clothing, small amounts of water and minimize shock
How do you minimize shock? Keep comfortable and raise the legs
What is a freezing of body parts? Frostbite
How do you treat frostbite? Warm slowly and do not rub
What is a cooling of the entire body? Hypothermia
How do you treat hypothermia? Remove wet clothing, warm slowly and snuggle if you have to
What is a machine that delivers an electric shock to the patient? AED
How do you treat a patient having a seizure? Remove near objects, cushion the head and don't put anything into the mouth.
When treating a stroke, what does F.A.S.T. stand for? Face, Arm, Speech and Time
What position do you use if the victim is breathing but unconscious? Recovery
Created by: cfullerton