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greek and latin root

greeks and latin roots, suffixes

Aster starlike shape // star flower
Bibl book // bible - Christian book
Centi hundredth part // centimeter - metric unit of measurment
Chrome having one color // monochrome - one color
Fin final // finish - the end
Fort strength or power // force
Graph write // autograph - to write ones name
Hydr water // dehydrate - to take the water out of
Kilo one thousandth // a unit of mass equal to 1,000 grams
Mal bad, poor // malnutrition - poor health
Mar sea, pool // marine - of or found in the sea
Medi middle, between // mediocre - average
Meter measure // meter - unit of measurement
Ology study, science // biology - the study of living things
Omni all, completely // omnipresent - present everywhere at the same time
Phobia fear // acrophobia - fear of height
Poly many // polygon - a figure or shape with three or more sides
Proto first // protagonist - main character
Sen old // senile - showing old age
Sphere ball // hemisphere - half of a sphere
Sub under, below // submarine -
Therm heat // thermal - related to heat
Tox poison // intoxicated - poisoned inside
Vor eat // carnivorous - flesh eating
Bio book// bibliography - a book about someones life
Point Of View the narrator's position in relation to the story being told
First person the narrator is a character in the story who tells everything in his/her own words "I"
3rd Person limited the narrator has the ability to see into the mind of only 1 character
3rd Person Omniscient the narrator is "all knowing"
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