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Test 8

chapters 8-9

Name the 4 elements that compose cells. carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, & nitrogen
What is taxonomy? The science of classification.
Give the 7 divisions of Linnaeus's classification system. Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species
Which vertebrates change their shape and structure? Amphibians
Annelids & segmented worms are the same thing. True
Kelp is part of the brown algae group. True
Name the group that euglenas belong to also in this group are organisms with a whiplike organ. Flagellates
Give the 2 parts of the cell principal. Cells come from preexisting cells & All living things are composed of cells.
What are saprophytes? Organisms that get their nourishment from other organisms.
Which fungus carries on fermentation? Yeast
Which cell structure strengthens the cell walls of a plant? Cellulose
Which algae is the largest group? The green algae
Most animals fall under invertebrates or vertebrates? Invertebrates
Which part of the cell structure is the control center? The nucleus
Name the group that you would find amebas & protozoa that move with pseudopods. Sarcodines
What are vacuoles Storage spaces
What do Mycologists study? Fungi
Are hybrids usually fertile or sterile? They are sterile
Which group do the paramecia belong to? Also in this group you will find organisms that move with hairlike projections Ciliates
When an animals body temp changes due to the temperatures around it, what is this called? Coldblooded
Why are algae so important to the aquatic food chain? Because they are producers.
Name the largerst group of water animals. Mollusks
This group provide food for larger organisms & they stay near the surface of the water. Plankton
Which parasite is unable to move? Sporozoa
Which cell structures have organelles that enable them to carry on photosynthesis? Chloroplasts
Which cell structure lets substances enter & exit the cell? The cell membrane
Hereditary traits are transmitted through what? Genes
Which group do the diatoms belong? Yellow algae
Who is Leeuwenhoek? Known as the "Father of Microbiology"
Plants without vascular systems are? Plants with vascular systems are? Thallophytes Tracheophytes
If a cell contains cellulose, large vacuoles & chloroplasts, it belongs to an animal or plant? A plant
What is protoplasm? All of the living materal within a cell.
Would a mushroom be an example of a club fungus? Yes
Are sponges the only multicellular animals without nervous systems? Yes
How is the peppered moth unique in that it shows variety? God designed light & dark varieties but they are the same species.
Who was the English scientist that published his work Micrographia describing cells? Robert Hooke
What is the difference between macro & microscopic? Macroscopic can be seen with the naked eye. Where microscopic requires a microscope to see.
Which protozoa are slipper shaped? The paramecia
An organism's scientific name consists of its genus name followed by what? Its species name.
What is the primary basis for classifying living things? Its body structure.
How is a hybrid produced? When you have a cross between 2 species or kinds.
Created by: mrscrivener