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By The Numbers- 2/4

Most places in Europe are within ____ miles of the ocean 100
The Italian Peninsula has _______ miles of coastline. 4,700
Rhine River flows north ____ miles to North Sea 820
Danube river flows east ____ miles through __ countries 1771, 9
___% of Europe is suitable for agriculture, would average only ___% 33%, 11%
___% of the Netherlands was once under water 40%
In ___s, windmills were used to power pumps that drained land 1400s
City of Venice is made up of ____ islands 120
People and goods are moved by boat over ___ canals 150
People enter Balkan Peninsula around ____ B.C. 2000
Rome rules the Italian Peninsula by ___ B.C. 275
Christianity speads from Palestine, is the official religion by A.D. ____ 400
In A.D. ___, empire splits into Eastern and western halves 395
Christians start _______ in ___ to regain Palestine from Muslims Crusades, 1096
North African Muslims conquer Iberian Peninsula in ___s 700s
Changed in ___th century when manufacturing and service industries grew 20th
____ French Revolution deposes King, forms Republic 1789
Allies defeat Germany in ____ 1945
In ____, anti-Communist reforms lead East Germany to open _______ _____ 1989, Berlin Wall
The two Germany's reunite in ____ as a democracy. 1990
Roman's conquer Britain's Celts by A.D. __ 80
Normandy's William the Conqueror invades Britain in ____ 1066
Magna Carta 1215
Industrial Revolution 1800's
Starvation in Ireland due to potato famine in ____'s 1840's
Britain splits in ____ 1921
By A.D. ___, Rome holds Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary 100
Balkan Peninsula later held by Byzantine Empire, then Ottoman Empire in ____'s, ____'s 1300's, 1400's
Slavs move during ___'s to ___'s 400's to 600's
Non-Slavic Magyars take Hungary in ___'s 800's
Austria becomes great power in ____'s 1400's
Balkan nations break from Ottoman Empire in ____ 1908
Muslim Ottoman Empire tries to conquer Balkan Peninsula in ____'s 1300's
Bosnia and Herzegovina declare independence in ____ 1992
In ____, NATO bombs Serbia to stop Serbian violence 1999
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