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unit 8

human body system

muscular movement
respertory breathing
skeletal protecter
endocrine hormones
nervous brain
circuliartory blood stream
reproductive off spring
integumentary skin
exrotory exit
digestive break down
what is the purpose for your blood to carry o2 through the body
main function of the muscular system to move the body
what is the function of the respiratory breathing
what is the purpose for the digestive system break down
what does the word excretory mean exit
how does water get to the plant from the ground roots
what is the integument system skin
what are the two main parts male=testes female=overies
your blood works to do what moves o2
what does the endocrine system do creates hormones
what does the nervous system do controls body
how do fish breath underwater gills
whats so special about bird bones there hallow
how do u get air in ur body breath
what does ur heart rate do rise
when ur blood exchanges air respitory
a mommy and daddy are going to have a baby reproductive & endocrine
the system that controls ur body nervous
when u are moving a box what systems do u use muscalar and skelatal
Created by: chloekc10