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Culture Geography 10

South America Study Guide

Who declared Brazil independent from Portugal Dom Pedro
Who liberated Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia Jose de San Martin
What Spanish conquistador was responsible for defeating the Incas? Francisco Pizarro
What Chilean dictator introduced the first free-market reforms in South America? Augusto Pinochet
The Capital of Paraguay Asuncion
Name for the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe Drake Passage
An ocean inlet is called estuary
The widest waterfall in the world is the Iguacu Falls
The Capital of Argentina is Buenos Aires
Believed to have been the last Inca Stronghold Machu Picchu
Second largest lake in South America Titicaca
Ridges and valleys east of the Andes Yungas
The greatest hero of Latin America, who liberated many areas of South America Simon Bolivar
The broad, grassy plains that cover over half of Colombia are the Llanos
The largest lake in South America is Lake Maracaibo
Coffea arabica is popular for its aroma
Tepuis are huge block-shaped mountains
The Andes Mountains are how long 4,500 miles Long
Cotopaxi is the highest active volcano in the world
What Indian civilization's name means "Children of the sun" Incas
Giant tortoises gave their name to the? Galapagos Islands
Quechua is spoken by Indian descendants of Incas
Pizarro made his headquarters in the City of Lima
An Inca stronghold known as the "city in the clouds" was Machu Picchu
Chile has the world's only natural deposits of sodium nitrate
Free-market reforms in Chile were introduced by Augusto Pinochet
Ferdinand Magellan was the first to circumnavigate the globe
Jose de San Martin was the great liberator of all the following except Ecuador
What is the name of the steamy Amazonian rain forest that spreads over one-third of the South American continent Selva
The most thoroughly European population in South America is in Uruguay
Which man led Argentina into debt and economic ruin? Juan Peron
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