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CH 20 Review Questions

The antibody found in body secretions is ?, also found in colostrum and mothers milk IgA
An antibody is a protein produced by plasma cells
? secretes antibodies T cells
? provide defense against viral infections Interferons
? is a granulocyte basophil
Immunity that is a result of an actual infection is Naturally acquired active immunity
A substance capable of raising the body temperature Pyrogen
When an organ or tissue is transplanted between genetically different individuals from the same species it is called a Allograft
? is a systemic autoimmune disease, debilitating damage to the joints Rheumatoid arthritis
? is not part of the second line of defense pH of the skin
Tissues transplanted from one site in an individual to another site autografts
transplants between individuals of different species such as pigs and humans xenografts
transplants between genetically different individuals from same species allografts
Major antibody in the blood lymphatic circulation, most numerous in blood system, only antibody that can cross the placenta IgG
Largest of the immunoglobulins, first responder IgM
monomer bound to the surface of the B cells and plays role in b-cell activation IgD
Allergic antibody IgE
Physical barriers, skin mucous membranes, tears, saliva coughing sneezing first line of defense
Inflammation response, phagocytosis, fever, interferons, complement system second line of defense
Specific Immune response, natural killer cells third line of defense
Artificially acquired active immunity from vaccine
Passive Immunity from outside source
Created by: Slmallory83