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Organismal Biology: Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution

What is on definition for species The Biological Species Concept- Individuals that can successfully interbreed. This concept works for Kingdom Animalia
Taxonomy naming the groups, then naming the groups within that group
Acronym for the classifications of life King Phillip Came Over From Germany Saturday
Classifying life Domain; Kingdom; Phylum; Class; Order; Family; Genus; Species
Who phrased the quote: "Nothing in Biology makes sense except in light of evolution" Theodosius Dobzhansky
Evolution The change from one generation to the next. It explains both the unity and diversity of life
Charles Darwin " Decent with modification " Decent meaning creating unity (a product of ancestry) and modification meaning creating variation
alternative to the phrase Family tree Phylogenetic tree
Macroevolution 1)ancestry, who relates to who. the phylogenetic tree 2) Derived traits- more recently appeared traits
Convergent Evolution converged upon the same physical appearance but do not share ancestry
Speciation the creation of new species over time by isolation
Reproductive isolation Lack of gene flow, or mixture of genes. Allows genetic differences to accumulate, creating reproductive barriers= two separate species
Extinction permanent loss of a species from the planet
Homology shared trait due to shared ancestry. Fig 22.15
homology vs CONVERGENCE shared trait due to similar selection pressures (environment) . The trait is termed analogy
Microevolution a change in gene frequencies within a population across generations; happens to populations, NOT individuals
Genetic drift changes in gene frequencies/ratios due to chance (ex random mating, catastrophes), NOT to any advantage the trait provided
In genetic drift random events dont effect... big populations
Natural Selection
Natural selection can only occur... if there are a variation in a particular trait and it has to be a genetic trait to be able to pass it down.
An adaptation trait the trait that causes the most offspring, is the selected trait that will be passed down
Fitness lifetime reproductive success
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