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genetics test


what is an allele? ways to express a gene
what is a genotype? the genetic make up of a trait
what is a phenotype? the outward physical appearance of a trait
Sex cells, or gametes are formed during? meiosis
somatic cells or body cells are formed during? mitosis
Mitosis and meiosis are the same because? they both contain genetic information, they both copy chromosomes, they both split into new cells
Mitosis and meiosis are different because? mitosis is an exact copy maintaining chromosome numbers Meiosis is a hapliod or half of the genetic information from parent cell
What is genetics? Heredity? Study of traits passed from generation to generation. Heredity- passing of traits from parent to offspring
Who is the father of genetics? Mendel
What is crossing over and what does it accomplish? when homologous chromosomes exchange each others genetic code. It accomplishes variety in the system
Males have which sex chromosomes? Females? XY, XX
AA is an example of ? homozygous dominanat
Aa is an example of ? heterozygous
aa is an example of ? homozygous recessive
Why are sex linked traits more common on the X chromosome? every one has one
Law of independent assortment means? genes separate during gamete formation without influencing each others inheritance
what is a karyotype? What can it show? A picture of chromosomes in order from large to small. It can show genetic disorders.
A pedigree is? a diagram showing a pattern of inheritance.
A cow that is red with white splotches is an example of ? codominace
A red and white flower make pink flower offspring. This is an example of? incomplete dominance
What are the stages of mitosis and what happens in each stage? I- interphase- DNA copied P-prophase- dna condenses and spindle is formed grabbing chromosomes M- homologous pairs move the the middle or equator A- pairs are separated to ends of cells T- chromosomes relax and nucleus reforms
What is cytokinesis? animal cells split by pinching off to form 2 new cells plant cells reform cell plate and wall
What are the stages of meiosis and what happens in each stage? I- interphase- DNA copied P 1-prophase dna condenses and CROSSING OVER occurs M 1-metaphase pairs line up at equator A 1- anaphase pairs separate T1 - chromosomes get ready to separate again REDO WITH OUT INTERPHASE PMAT (2)
What are the common genetic disorders? Know what they do as well. Cystic fibrosis- mucous clogs Down's syndroms- extra #21 chromosome Tay- sachs- breakdown nervous system Color blindness- sex linked Huntingtons- break down fat in brain Albinism- lack of pigment sickle cell- shape of blood cell changes.
PUNNETT square practice in class!!!!
Created by: aethomas4415