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Vocab Unit 6

Prefixes-- ad, re, and se

To change to be suitable or fit. Ex- If this type of frog can ______ to the pollution in the water, it may survive. Adapt
To stick to something; conform to; obey To make a bandage ______, make sure the skin is dry when you put it on. Adhere
Close to, bordering on The black car was parked _________ to the red truck. Adjacent
Happening again and again, returning periodically. A __________ theme of his books is that bravery brings great rewards. Recurrent
Pay back, refund I'll pay for your ticket to the theater if you ___________ me later. Reimburse
Repeat many times Let me __________ what I said so you won't forget. Reiterate
To withdraw or set apart from social contact The teacher __________ the talkative child by putting him in the corner by himself. Seclude
To separate from the rest of the group __________ the geese from the ducks and put the ducks in the duck pen. Segregate
To separate or withdraw; to choose solitude ir withdraw; to choose solitude or requirement. Sequester
To, toward ad
back, again re
apart, away se
Created by: unissel