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Chapter 2

Combing forms, suffixes, prefixes, & terms

abdomin/o abdomen
adip/o fat
anter/o front
bolo/o to cast (throw)
cervic/o neck (of the body or uterus)
chondr/o cartilage
chrom/o color
coccyg/o tailbone
crani/o skull
cyt/o cell
dist/o far, distant
dors/o back
hist/o tissue
ili/o ilium
inguin/o groin
kary/o nucleus
later/o side
lumb/o back
medi/o middle
nucle/o nucleus
pelv/i pelvis
poster/o behind. back
proxim/o nearest
sacr/o sacrum
sarc/o muscle, flesh
spin/o spine, backbone
thel/o, theli/o nipple
thorac/o chest
trache/o trachea, windpipe
umbilic/o umbilicus, navel
ventr/o front of body, anterior
vertebr/o vertebra, backbone
viscer/o internal organs
ana- up
cata- down
epi- above
hypo- below, less than normal, deficient
inter- between
meta- change
-eal pertaining to
-iac pertaining to
-ior pertaining to
-ism process, condition
-ose pertaining to, full of
-plasm formation
-somes bodies
-type picture, classification
abdominal abdomen
adipose pertaining to fat; full of fat
anterior front of the body
cervical pertaining to the neck of the body or uterus
chondroma benign tumor in cartilage
chondrosarcoma malignant tumor in cartilage
chromosomes rod shaped structure in the nucleus containing DNA
Created by: Stark Med Terms