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It Happened on a Fri

rivals A person or group who is competing against another for the same goal.
invicible Unable to be defeated.
irony Using words in a way that conveys the opposite of their actual meaning.
formidable Causing fear or dread
rummaged To search through by moving items around or looking through the contents.
studious Spending a great deal of time carefully studying.
swiveled To turn or pivot as if on a central point.
lamented To feel sadness or regret for.
vowing Promising
silhouette Outline or general shape of something.
vixen A well-developed, sexy woman
cinched Gathered in
audacity Boldness or daring without concern for others
moseyed Walk or shuffle leisurely
stern Hard or severe
infractions Act of breaking a law or rule
forthright Being completely open and honest
interpretation A way someone explains or understands another's behaviors
summoned Called for a person's presence
regretted To feel or express sorrow for
dwell To focus one's attention on something and for a long time
protocol Code of correct conduct
abrupt Happening quickly and without warning
signify To be a sign of
harassment Behavior that is threatening or offensive to other people
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