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U 19 L1

Apollo and Diana Unit Vocab

deus, deī (m.) god
coniūnx, coniugis (f.) wife
geminus, geminī (m. twin
iussum, iussī (n.) order
infāns, infantis (m.) infant
īnsula, īnsulae (f.) island
serpens, serpentis (m.) snake
lūna, lūnae (f.) moon
vēnātio, vēnātionis(f.) hunt
gaudium, gaudiī (n.) joy
arcus, arcūs (m.) bow
pharētra, pharētrae (f.) quiver
sagitta, sagittae (f.) arrow
liberī, liberōrum (m./f., pl.) children
ōrāculum, ōrāculī (n.) oracle
inveniō, invenīre, invēnī, inventum to find
errō, errāre, errāvī, errātum to wander
iubeō, iubēre, iussī, iussum to order
nāscor, nāscī, nātus sum to be born
consēcrō, consēcrāre,consēcrāvī, consēcrātum to consecrate
fiō, fierī, factus sum to become
coniciō, conicere, coniēcī, coniectum to throw
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum beautiful, handsome
candidus, a, um bright
dīves, dīvitis rich
sciō, scīre, scīvī, scītum to know
imperō, imperāre, imperāvī, imperātum to order
gaudeō, gaudēre, gāvīsus sum to rejoice
aetās, aetātis (f.) age, lifetime
canō, canere, cecinī, cantum to sing
surdus, surda, surdum deaf
Created by: kathleen.ferrell