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Stagnation pressure The pressure at a point where the fluid is brought to a complete stop isentropically
Which principles does the venturi meter use? Continuity and Bernoulli's eqs.
Mention four properties of ideal fluids 1. Non viscous and incompressible 2. Slip condition is observed 3. Euler and Bernoulli's eqns are used 4. Simple equations are used
In which case is the Bernoulli's equation used? It is used for steady, incompressible flow along a streamline in inviscid regions of flow.
What is a fluid? Substance which deforms continually under shear stress of any magnitude.
Uniform flow All parameters are equal at every point in the fluid. Positional
Non uniform All flow parameters variate in magnitude and direction at various points in the flow field.
Steady Flow parameters remain same as time passes
Non steady Flow parameters change as time changes.
Steady uniform Flow parameters same at every point in the flow and do not change as time passes
Steady non uniform Flow parameters are different across the flow field but do not change with time
Non steady uniform Flow parameters are the same access the flow but change with time but position wise is same
Non steady non uniform Flow parameters variate due to position and due to time e.g. turbulent flow
Laminar flow All particles proceed along smooth parallel lines without deviation. Velocity is in the direction of the flow.
Turbulent flow Particles move in an irregular manner. Fluctuating velocity is superimposed on the mean velocity
Transitional flow Variates between laminar and turbulent flows
Compressibility is due to what parameter? It is due to variation of density in flow.
What us mach number? Ratio of speed of medium to speed of sound
Streamline Line whuch is everywhere tangent to the local velocity vector. Lines of constant stream function.
State the continuity equation PUA=pua where P is density
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