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women's health

what test can be scheduled which is a diagnostic evaluation for endometrial cancer? Transvaginal ultrasound
At what age should the first pap by schedule? age 21
When doing a cone biopsy for cervical cancer . Teaching is successful when they obtain the specimen from? Transformation zone
What way can you prevent endometrial cancer? Have regular pelvic exams, engage in daily exercixe, and if you have been pregnant
Individual with reproductive cancer can experience disturbed body image have positive self statements and positive sexuality
When assisting with a pelvic exam , what should b done first ? Spread labia
What are the risk factors for vulvar cancer? HPV 16 exposure, hypertension, diabetes
What symptoms or signs would the client with vulvar cancer have? persistent vulvar itching, history of herpes
What is the least common type of reproductive cancer? Vaginal
Preparing for a biopsy for vulvar cancer, the nurse exppects the leasion to be near? labia majoria
A client with adenocarcoma in situ would have cancer found? on the surface of endometrium
Is there a reliable screening method for ovarian cancer ? no
what factos would help reduce the risk of ovarian cancer? Pregnancy, oral contraceptiver agents breast feeding
Which contraceptive method is only available with a prescription? diaphragm
An implantable contraceptive agent will contain? Synthetic estrogen
A patient has abdominal pain. Her doctor suspects endometriosis. What diagnostic test should the nurse prepare the client for? laproscopy
What contraceptive method is the most reliable? Intrauterine system
Which contraceptive method offers protection from sexual transmitted disease/ Condoms
What should the nurse teach the postmenopausal woman about osteoporosis? Take calcium supplements
This is a test to measure bone mass to help diagnosis osteoporosis? Dexa Scan
What is the primary cause of hot flashes and night sweats in a postmenopausal woman? Estrogen deficiency
What should be included in a teaching plan for a postmenopausal woman on ho to reduce risk of osteoporosis? Daily Exercise
What should be included when your are teaching a couple about contraceptive options? The best contraceptive is one that you will use cxcorrectly and consistently
Describe aa client who may be expected to have osteoporosis ? Thin woman with small bones
What laboratory finding might you suspect with a client with dysfunctional uterine bleeding low hemoglobin
A client using fertility awareness method of birth control would describe her cervical mucus as looking like egg white . This is called? Spinnbarkeit mucus
With the basal body temperature method for contraception a rise in basal body temeprature indicates/ Ovulation
What are some things that can help reduce the discomfort of symptoms? cut down on colas and coffee, quite smoking, do aerobic exercise
What symptom would you expect in a client with endometriosis besides abdominal pain? Dysuria
What is a mandatory requirement for the diagnosis of premenstrual dysphoric disorder? The client has persistent anger
What are some symtoms a client with premenstrual disorder might have/ Bloating, tension, dysphoria, weight gain
What finding may make the nurse suspicious of dysfunctional uterine bleeding? The client states she has been bleeding off and on that's irregular occasionally heavy
Name the mechanical barrier methods of contraception Condoms,cervical cap, cervical sponge , diaphragm
What are some of the health benefits of oral contraceptives Health benefits include improvement in acne, reduced risk of endometrial cancer, and protection against pelvic inflammatory disease
Name a risk factor of endometriosis. Menstrual cycle sof 24 days
What medication is a first line treatment of endometriosis? NSAIDS
what are the Risk factors for endometriosis? History of smoking, Diabetes since the age of 15 years, weight below standard for height and age
Couple is having a fertility evaluation . The male [partner will have a semen analysis. What statement indicates the gentlemen understands the direction Needs to abstain from sexual activity for 1 to 2 days before the sample is collected
what are three important points to make about emergency contraception (ECs) ECS are birth control pills in higher,more frequent doses, ECs is not to be used in place of regular birth control, ECs provide little protection for future pregnancies
What is an enterocele? a bulging of the small intestine through the posterior vaginal wall
what should you include when teaching women about preventing pelvic support disorders/ Performing Kegel isometric exercises
what is contraindicated when caring for a client with an abdominal hysterectomy? Messaging the client's legs
what helps in regaining control of the urinary sphincter for urinary incontinence ? Performing Kegel exercises
A woman is admitted for repair of a cystocele and rectocele. She has nine living children and what should the nurse expect to find? Stress incontinence with feeling of low abdominal pressure
A postmenopausal woman has uterine prolapse and is fitted for a pessary. what is a Side effect of this treatment vaginal ulceration
The nurse explains to the patient that kegel exercises help with pelvic floor
what is the rationale for taking oral contraceptives as part of the treatment plan for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)? Restores menstrual regularity
What does a anterior and posterior colporrhaphy due for treatment of a cystocele Procedure helps tighten the vaginal wall in the front and back so that the bladder an and urethra are in proper position
What are the signs with uterine fibroids? Menorrhagia, complaints of bloating, chronic pain and enlarged uterus
Name some foods that have anticancer properties garlic, soybeans, leeks,and flax seeds
what are some risk factors for breast cancer that can be reduced? Keep weight gain under 11 pounds, eating at least seven portions of complex carbohydrates daily. limit intake of refined sugars
what is an essential element of breast cancer prevention? If the lump is palpable ,it has been there for some time
Does a woman performing breast self examination have breast cancer awareness? yes
when should a woman have her first mammogram? age 40
what is breast conserving surgery? The lump is removed followed by radiation
Name two factors that indicate a benign breast mass Firm consistency and absence of dimplying
Name two medications that are used to treat breast cancer and are selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) Tamoxifen and Raloxifene
Breast cancer patient is receiving trastuzumab It blocks the effect of the HER-2/neu protein inhibiting the growth of cancer celss
A serious side of effect of chemotherapy for breast cancer is_______ Myelosuppression
When teaching breast self exam, what is a key element of instruction? use the finger pads of the three middle fingers to apply pressure to my breast during the exam
What is duct ectasia? The area below the aerola is red and swollen with tortuous tubular swelling
In stage two of breast cancer the mass is 1.25 inches and three lymph nodes are positive . True or false true
what test will identify endometrial cancer? endometrial cancer
what can the nurse teach about colposcopy examination? A solution will be wiped on the cervix to identify abnormal cells and then be visualized with a magnifying glass
Is there a reliable screening test for ovarian cancer? No
what are three medications that can be used to treat severe fibrocystic breast disease? Tamoxifen, Bromocriptine and Danazol
what additional yearly test would help reduce the risk of reproductive cancer? Yearly cholesterol starting at age 45
A client is scheduled for a mastectomy because she had malignant cells on a breast biopsy. what nursing diagnosis can be a priority for the client? Disturbed body image
what should the nurse include when instructing a client about a mammogram? Tell the client each breast will be firmly compressed between two plates.
What is the Reach for Recovery program's primary purpose? Help support women who have undergone mastectomies
A client with advance breast cancer has had both radiation and chemotherapy. She is to start hormonal therapy. What will she probably start? Tamoxifen
A nurse is ASSISTING IN A CLINIC. WHILE DOING A CLINICAL BREAST EXAM , the nurse notes a well- defined ,firm, mobile lump. What is the next test that will be ordered for the client? Mammogram
A client has a modified radical mastectomy . what is an appropriate nursing intervention for the client when they return from surgery? Turn, cough, and deep breath frequently
What symptom would the nurse suspect if the client has breast cancer/ Nipple retraction
The nurse has determine that a client has fibrocystic breast disease when she states? she has eliminated caffeine
what would you want a client who has had a modified radical mastectomy on one breast to do? Avoid wearing clothing with elastic on the sleeves
Should you draw blood from the same arm/side were a women has a mastectomy? No
What intervention might need to be done at home on a client who had a repair of a uterine prolapse Care of the indwelling catheter
A client over 50, says she has the onset of painless, red postmenopausal bleeding. what should the nurse suspect? Endometrial cancer
What instructions should you give a client before a scheduled pap smear? Do not douche for 48 hours before the scheduled pap smear
A history of exposure to________ will alert the nurse that her client may be at increased risk for cervical cancer Human papillomavirus
Is the consumption of a high-fat diet, a risk of for ovarian cancer? Yes
Should a female abstain for 48 hour from sex? yes
What nursing diagnosis \can be apriority for a client with ovarian cancer? Situatiolnal low self-esteem
Name a stimuli that can irritate stress incontinence. Sneezing or coughing
Should a client with uterine prolapse jog? no
What post residual voiding in a client with uterine organ prolapse requires further testing greater than 100cc
What is a major cause of genital fistula? Female genital cutting
A fibroid is another name for_____? Leiomyoma
What is the treatment for a corpus luteum cysts? none
A small loop of plastic tubing is secured in place to allow for drainage of a Bartholin's cyst, How long should it stay in place? 3 weeks
What should you include when teaching about Kegel exercises? Squeeze you rectal muscles as if you are trying to avoid passing flatus. Contract and relax pubococcygeal muscles rapidly 10 times
How is teaching removed when abnormal tissue is removed from the cervix? Freezing
Endocervical plops are more common in women in their 30s or 50s 50s
What are some of the characteristics of or symptoms of a client who is experiencing polycystic ovarian syndrome? Evaluate blood insulin levels, anovulation, triglycerides level of 175mg/dl
What occurs with endometrial polps? Metrorrhagia
What should be include in a discussion of pelvic organ prolapse? Rectocele, Cystocele, enterocele
What type of cyst is associate with hydatiform mole? Theca-lutein cyst
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