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chap 11.

Location of meninges? membrane surrounding CNS
Function of meninges? To protect the brain
Name the layers of meninges. Dura meter, arachnoid and pia.
inner layer of meninges Pia
Outer layer of meninges Dura meter
Middle layer of meninges Arachnoid
Location of the ventricles of the brain? Within cerebral hemispheres and brainstem
name the 4 venticles of the brain? 1. lateral right2. Lateral left3.3rd4.4th
what is located within the ventricles of the brian? Cerebral Spinal Fluid
Name the structure that connects the 3rd ventricle with the 4th ventricle? Cerebral aqueduct
_______ _________ secrete cerebrospinal fluid. choroid plexus
3 fuctions of the CSF? 1. provides nutrients2.supports3. maintain stable ion concentration
2 function of the spinal cord 1.center for spinal refleces2. conduit for nerve impulses to and from the brain
define reflex arc automatic, subconcious responces to stimuli within or outside body
reflex arc drawing receptor - CNS - effector
where is an impulse carried by an efferent neuron being carried to? CNS
Where is an impulse carried by an afferent neuron being carried to? Effector
List 3 reflex types? 1. monosynaptic reflex2. Withdraw reflex3. Crossed extensor reflex
Which type of reflex attempts to limit tissue damage? Withdraw reflex
Which type of reflex helps maintain proper posture? Monosynaptic
Which type of reflex crosses sensory impules to produce an opposite effect? Crossed extensor reflex
____ tracts of the spinal cord carry impulses to the muscles and glands. Asending
_____ tracts of the spinal cord carry impules to the brain for processing. Desending
6 functions of the brain. 1. reasoning2. stores memory3. creates personality4. sensation5. perception6. coordinates mucsle movements
name the 5 major parts of the brain. 1. cerebrum2. basal nucleus3. diencephlon4. brainstem5. cerebellum
During brain development the brain begins development as 3 vesicles? 1. forebrain2. midbrain3. hindbrain
Contrast the longitudinal fissure and trasverse fissure. long= up and down split.transverse= left and right <->
contrast convolutions and sulci convoultions- bumpssulci= grooves
the ____ ______ connects the two hemispheres of the brain. corpus collosum
Name the 5 lobes of the cerebral hemispheres 1. frontal2. temporal.3. parietal4. insula5. occipital
four functions of the cerebrum 1. interpret impulses2. initiating voluntary movements3. stores information4. reasoning
visual perception, emotions, music patterns, nonverbal tasks, and motor tasks nondominant
speech, analytical and computational skills dominant
voluntary eye movement frontal eye field
motor area controls muscles needed for speech Broca's area
Smell parietal
taste frontal
vision occipital
touch parietal
hearing temporal
CSF is locatied in the what space? subarachnoid
which motor area controls voluntary muscle movements? motor areas
____ ____ are masses of gray matter deep in the cerebrum that pro. dopamine. Basal Nuclei
functuon of the thalamus gateway for sensory impules heading to cerebral cortex
diencephlon located? above brainstem
function of hypothalamus maintain homeostatic functions
function limbic system? and location controls emotion, feeling, images. located various parts of CNS
3 parts of brain midbrain, pons, medulla oblongata
function on pons. reg. rate and depth of breathing
functions of medualla oblongata nonvital reflex control center, respiratory center
slow wave sleep restful, dreamless
REM heartrate and resp. rates irregul.
cerebellum location inferior to occipital lobe
functions of cerebellum 2 balance; corr. skeletal muscle activity.
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