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Latin roots 6 gr

-y characterized by; like; to some degree; inclined to
-er more; one who; that which
-est most
-ly in a manner that is; like a (noun)
-hood condition or state or quality,
-ful full of; having
-less without
-able; -ible capable or worthy of
-some characterized by
-ish somewhat like, related to
-ness condition, state, or quality
-cide the act of killing, a killer of, the killer of
-ology; -ologist the study of/one who studies
re- back, again, restore
un- not/opposite of/undo
counter- opposite
contra-; contro- against
sub- under/beneath/less than
multi- many
Pre- before
post- after
extra- beyond, outside
super- above, over, more than
astro-/aster- star, heavens
geo- earth, soil, ground
auto- self
homo- same, similar, alike (Latin for man)
phon-/phone- sound, voice, speech
-scope to look
graph/gram to write, written
Created by: samtisch