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Heredity Test

The main goal of this project is to identify the DNA sequence of every gene in the human genome. This will help lead to new treatments of disease and genetic disorders. The Human Genome Project
_________ is the insertion of working copies of a gene into the cells of a organism with a genetic disorder in an attempt to correct the disorder. Gene Therapy
The transfer of a gene from the DNA of one organism into another organism, in order to produce the organism with the desired traits. Genetic Engineering (Gene Splicing)
A selective breeding method, in which two genetically different individuals are crossed, often used to get more than one desired trait. Hybridization
Involves crossing two individuals that have identical or similar sets of alleles. Inbreeding
Process of selecting a few organisms with the desired traits to serve as parents of the next generation. The problem with selective breeding is you can’t select the alleles. One solution is cloning. A clone is an exact copy of an organism’s DNA and all. Selective Breeding
BB is a purebred also known as a __________ Homozygous
Bb is a hybrid also known as _____________ Heterzoygous
Dominant alleles are represented by ________ ________ Capital Letters
Recessive alleles are represented by ______ ____ _______ Lower Case Letters
__________ is the process through which traits are passed from parent to offspring. Heredity
List 3 examples of traits passed by heredity 1. Face shape, Eye color 2. Hair color, Height 3. Blood type, Shape of ears
An acquired trait is a trait that _______________ an organism develops after it is born.
The color of flamingos is _____ because this trait comes from its interactions with the _______. Environmental and environment
A trait you ____ is riding a bike. You aren’t born knowing how to ride a bike, you have to be taught. This could also include walking, talking and reading. What type of trait is this? Learn and Learned
These are traits people deliberately change. Plants and animals have been manipulated for thousands of years. Breeders mate animals or cross plants with the most desirable traits. What type of trait is this? Maniuplated
________ determines the inherited traits of an organism. DNA
_________ are short, thicker coils of DNA. Chromosomes
How many chromosomes are in human cells? 46
How many chromosomes are in human gametes (egg or sperm)? 23
Why do body cells have twice as many chromosomes as gametes? Body cells have twice as many chromosomes as gametes because when two gametes combine their chromosomes become part of the nucleus of a new cell of a new individual.
_______ are a short piece of DNA that determines the trait of an organism. Genes
__________ is the process of parents passing on traits to their offspring Heredity
_________ are features you’re born with such as hair color and eye color. Genes
__________ are the letters used to represent genotype such as BB or Bb. Alleles
Explain the difference between inherited traits and acquired traits. An inherited trait is something you get from you’re genes such as the ability roll your tongue. An acquired trait is something you learn such as playing a sport.
Explain how Gregor Mendel contributed to the study of Heredity. Gregor Mendel did the pea plant experiment. He came up with the alleles and genotypes and phenotypes.
Hybrid alleles (give an example) Aa
Pure bread alleles (give an example) AA
Why is hybridization often used with crops? Hybridization is used with crops because different size, color and shape crops are breaded together to make a different type of crop.
Give an example of a heterozygous genotype. Aa
Give an example of a homozygous recessive genotype. aa
Give an example of a homozygous dominant genotype. AA
Give an example of a phenotype or the definition. A phenotype is an organisms physical appearance. Blue eyes, brown hair
Give the definition of a genotype Genotype is an organisms genetic makeup or allele combination
List any three traits. 1. hair color 2. eye color 3. dimples/no dimples
_______ is the study of heredity Genetics
When doing a Punnett Square what will it show you? determines all the possible combinations of what that offspring could look like.
Who is considered the father of genetics? Gregor Mendel
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