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Bio Review

For test

List Characteristics of all protists Eukaryotes, Singled celled or Multicellular, Heterotrophic or Autotrophic
List Examples from each group of protist: Animal-like, plant-like, Fungus-like An.- Amoebas paramecium, trypanosome, Plasmodium Pl.-Euglenoids, Algae, Fungus- Slime and water mold
What type of Environment are protists found in? Aquatic
What are the general facts of all protist Live everywhere, Eukaryotic, Most are single celled with cell parts, Also occur in multicellular forms,Producers or consumers, reproduce asexually
What are the functions of contractile vacuole, Nucleus, Cilia? Contractile Vacuole maintain water balance, Nucleus contains cell DNA, and cilia aids in movement
How do paramecium reproduce? Conjugation (know what a paramecium looks like.)
List three protist diseases. Malaria, African sleeping sickness, and Amebic Dysentery, and Girardiasis
What spreads African Sleeping Sickness Tsetse fly
How can one prevent amebic dysentery and giardiasis? Since these one found in contaminated water boiling the water can be used in prevention.
How is Malaria spread? Mosquitoes
What are the characteristics of Kingdom Fungi? They are all Eukaryotic organisms that have a cell wall made of Chitin. They can unicellular or multicellular & are all heterotrophic
List several examples of Fungus Mushrooms, bread mold, yeast
How are Fungi important? Spoil bread & fruit, decompose paper, wood. produce alcoholic beverages, bread & cheese. Decomposes dead organism.
How does a fungus get it's food? It feeds by absorption. Enzymes break food molecules down. Fungal cells absorb it through their hyphae
What is mycorrhizae? Mutualistic relationship between fungus and plants. Fungus helps supply food and water to the plant and fungus feeds on the CHO.
What is a lichen? Type of fungus that forms a partnership with a photosynthetic organism (usually algae), the fungus gets food from the algae, and it anchors the plant.
Created by: ApolloVCB