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Earth Science

E.S. Chapter 9 Sections 1-4

Wegner's; Pangaea According to ________ hypothesis of continental drift, the continents had once been joined to form a single supercontinent. He called it _______ meaning all land.
Mesosaurus a reptile whose fossil remains are limited to eastern South America and Southern Africa
Glossopteris a small plant that are found today in South America, Southern Africa, and India
Sonar _____ is a system that uses sound waves to calculate the distance to an object
deep- ocean trenches As scientists mapped in the ocean floor, they found long, curved valleys along the edges of some ocean basins ____- _____ ________
mid- ocean ridges the ___- ______ ______ is a continuous elevated zone on the floor of all the major ocean basins and varying in the width from 1000 to 4000 kilometers; the rifts at the crests of ridges represent divergent plate boundaries
rift valley A ____ ______ is a deep faulted structure found along the axes of divergent plate boundaries; rift valleys can develop on the seafloor or on land
volcanic activity Scientist found evidence that the mid- ocean ridges formed as the result ________ _______
5 The rates of sea- floor spreading averages about _ centimeters per year
subduction in the process of __________ ocean floor returns to the mantle as it sins beneath a deep ocean trench.
paleomagnetism _____________ is the study of changes in Earth's magnetic field, as shown by patterns of magnetism in rocks that have formed over time
youngest The ocean floor is _________ along the central valley of the mid- ocean ridge.
plate A _____ is one of numerous rigid sections of the lithosphere that moves as a over the material of the asthenosphere.
divergent boundaries _________ _________ are found where two of Earth's plates move apart
divergent plate boundary The Great Rift valley of Africa is an example of a _________ _____ ________
convergent boundaries __________ _________ form where two plates move together
transform fault boundaries __________ _____ __________ occur where two plates grind past each other
transform fault boundary The San Andreas fault in California is a ________ _____ _______
continental; oceanic When the leading edge of ___________ lithosphere converges with _______ lithosphere,
less; remains the ____ dense continental lithosphere _______ floating
denser; sinks the ______ oceanic slab _____ into the asthenosphere
convection current _________ _______ is the continuous flow that occurs in a fluid because of differences in density
warm; less; rises ____ material is ____ dense, so it _____.
cooler; sinks ______ material is denser, so it _____.
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