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verb / adj + prep

FCLP unit 24

verb / adjprep
argue about
boast about
dream about
know about
laugh about
read about
agree about
talk about
guess at
laugh at
look at
apply for
arrange for
ask for
blame smne for
care for
forgive smne for
look for
pay for
search for
vote for
wait for
believe in
confide in smne
involve smne in
specialize in
succeed in
take part in
blame sth on smne
concentrate on
congratulate smne on sth
depend on
insist on
rely on
add sth to
admit to
apologise to smne for sth
be accustomed to
be used to
belong to
confess to
explain sth to smne
lend sth to smne
listen to
object to
reply to
talk to smne about sth
agree with
argue with
begin with
charge smne with a crime
deal with
discuss sth with smne
provide smen with sth
share sth with smne
trust smne with sth
annoyed about /at
anxious about
certain about
excited about
happy about
pleased about
right about
sorry about
upset about
angry at
bad / good at
surprised at
bored by
shocked by
surprised by
famous for
late for
ready for
sorry for
absent from
different from
safe from
interested in
afraid of
ashamed of
aware of
capable of
fond of
full of
it is good ...you of
jealous of
keen on
grateful to
kind to
married to
angry with
annoyed with at about
bored with
happy about with
pleased with about
Created by: reynard.amelie