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Latin Bases

ALIEN- of another
ANIM- mind, feeling, life
ANN(U)- year
(ENNI)- year
ART- art, skill
APT- to fit
AQU(A)- water
BENE-, BON- well, good
BI- two
CANT- to sing
(CENT)- to sing
[CHANT-] to sing
CED- to go, yield
CESS- to go, yield
CENT- hundred
CORPOR- body
CORP(US)- body
CRUC- cross
CUR- care, cure
CUR-, CURS- to run, to go
COURS-, CORS- to run, to go
DECI(M)- tenth
DOM(IN)- house, master
DU- two
DUC- to lead
DUCT- to lead
EQU- equal, even
(IQU-) equal, even
FER- to bear, carry
FIN- end, limit
FIRM- firm, strong
FLAG(R)- to burn, flame
FLAM(M)- to burn, flame
FLAT- to blow
FORT- strong
GEN- to give birth to, produce
GEN-, GENER- race, kind, origin
GRAD- to step, go
GRESS- to step go
GRAND- great
GRAV- heavy
(GRIEV-) heavy
GREG- flock, herd
HAB- to hold customary, have
AB- to hold customary, have
(HIB-) to hold customary, have
JUDIC- judgement
JUR- right, law, make opinion
JUST- right, law, make opinion
LAT- to bear, carry
LATER- side
LINE- line
(LIGN)- line
LEV- light, to lift
LOQU- to speak
LOCUT- to speak
LUC- to shine, light
LUMIN- to shine, light
LUS- to play, mock
LUD- to play, mock
MAGN- great
MAL(E)- bad
MILL- thousand
MULT- many
OMN- all
NIHIL- nothing
NULL- nothing
OCT- eight
OCTAV- eighth
OPTIM- best
PAR- to ready, bring forth, provide
PART- part
PED- foot
PEND- to hang, weigh, pay
PENS- to hang, weigh, pay
PLE- to fill, full
PLET- to fill, full
PLEN- to fill, full
PLIC- to fold, tangle, interweave
PLEX- to fold, tangle, interweave
[PLY-] to fold, tangle, interweave
PREC- request, beg, prayer
PRIM- first
PUNG- to prick, point
PUNCT- to prick, point
QUADR(U)- four
QUART- fourth
QUINT- fifth
REG- right, straight
(RIG-) right, straight
RECT- to rule, stiffen, straighten
SACR- sacred
(SECR-) sacred
SANCT- holy
SED- to sit
SEMI- half, partly
SEN- old
SENT- to feel, think
SENS- to feel, think
SERV- to serve, save
SEPT(EM) seven
SEXT- six, sixth
SIMIL- like, similar
SIMUL- like, similar
SPEC- to look
SPIC- to look
SPECT- to look
TEMPER- time, due season, to set bounds
TEMPOR- time, due season, to set bounds
TEN-, TENT- to hold
TIN- to hold
[TAIN-] to hold
TEND-, TENT- to stretch, strive
TENS- to stretch, strive
TENU- stretched, thin
TRI- three
TRUD- push, thrust
TRUS- push, thrust
TURB- disturb
UN- one
UND- wave
OUND- wave
VEN- to come
VENT- to come
VENU- to come
VERT- to turn
VERS- to turn
VERB- verb, word
VEST- garment
VI(A)- way, road
VID- to see
VIS- to see
VIEW- to see
VOC- voice, to call
VOK- voice, to call
BIN- twice
Created by: therealestging