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used to describe a clients condition Acuity
type of service that is often a special unit in a houspital usually less than 30 days sub Acute Care
service that does observation, assessment, teaching and training, direct skilled nursing such as tube feedings, vents, RM must be in charge of care Skilled Nursing CAre
refers to care focused on meeting deficits of ADL's Custodial Care
provides medical, nursing, social work, spiritual support, for pts and families during a terminal illness Hospice care
designed to restore health and function Rehab care
ambulatory Care also called outpatient care
care that is provided outside of a health care clinic, hosp, usually provided in the home Home Health care
Med/Surg, OB, ER and diagnostic center plus lab services General or Community Hospital
Level 1 Trauma Center, Burn Center, Oncology and other levels of care Tertiary Care hospital
Offers only a partivular type of care such as Psych, or Peds Specialty Hosp
Places offering healthcare must be approved by the gov't agency, usually the Dept of Health they need this cert Governmental Approval
agencies that seek Medicare/Medicaid funding must meet specific standards and also have many DEMED STATUS agencies that services need this certification Medicare/ Medicaid certification
Hosp and nursing homes get this accreditation JCAHO- Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare organizations
Organization that provides voluntary accreditation, Has a peer- reviewed process CHAP- community health Accreditation Program
This reviews and evaluates HMOs it provides HEDIS- Health Plan Employer Data & info Det to compare HMo's National Committee for quality Assurance (NCQA)
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