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Machen Metzger alpha

Alphabetical WTS

ἀγαπητός, -ή, -όν beloved
ἀγοράζω I buy
ἀδελφή, -ῆς, ἡ a sister
ἀδικέω I wrong, do wrong
ἀδικία, -ας, ἡ unrighteousness
ἀκάθαρτος, -ον unclean
ἀληθινός, -ή, -όν true
ἀμήν verily, truly, amen
ἀναγινώσκω I read
ἀνάστσις, -εως, ἡ resurrection
ἄνεμος, -ου, ὁ a wind
ἄξιος, -α, -ον worthy
ἀπαγγέλλω I announce, report
ἅπας, -ασα, -αν all
ἀποκαλύπτω I reveal
ἅπτομαι I touch
ἀρνέομαι I deny
ἀρνίον, -ου, τό a lamb
ἄρτι now, just now
ἀσθενέω I am weak
βαστάζω I bear, carry
βλασφημέω I revile, blaspheme
βούλομαι I wish, determine
γαμέω I marry
γε indeed, at least, really, even
γνωρίζω I make known
γνῶσις, -εως, ἡ wisdom
δέκα ten
δένδρον, -ου, τό a tree
δεξιός, -ά, -όν right (opp. left)
δεύτερος, -α, -ον second
δέω I bind
διάβολος, -ον slanderous, accusing falsely; the Accuser, the Devil (as a noun)
διαθήκη, -ης, ἡ a covenant
διακονέω I wait upon (especially at table), serve (generally), minister
διακονία, -ας, ἡ waiting at table, service, ministry
διάκονος, -ου, ὁ and ἡ a servant, administrator, deacon
διδαχή, -ῆς, ἡ teaching
δικαιόω I justify, pronounce righteous
δουλεύω I serve
δυνατός, -ή, -όν powerful, possible
δώδεκα twelve
ἐκβάλλω I cast out
ἐκεῖθεν thence, from that place
ἔλεος, -ους, τό pity, mercy
ἐλπίζω I hope
ἐνδύω I put on, clothe
ἕνεκα (with gen.) on account of
ἑορτή, -ῆς, ἡ a feast
ἐπεί when, since
ἐπιγινώσκω I come to know, recognize
ἐπικαλέω I call, name; Middle, I invoke, appeal to
ἐπιτιμάω I rebuke, warn
ἑπτά seven
ἐρῶ Ι shall say
ἕτερος, -α, -ον other, another, different
εὐαγγέλιον, -ου, τό good news, the Gospel
ἡγέομαι I am chief; I think, regard
ἥκω I have come
ἥλιος, -ου, ὁ the sun
θηρίον, -ου, τό a wild beast
θυγάτηρ, -τρός, ἡ a daughter
θύρα, -ας, ἡ a door
θυσία, -ας, ἡ a sacrifice
ἰάομαι I heal
ἴδε see!, behold!
ἰσχύω I am strong, able
καθαρίζω Ι cleanse
καθίζω I seat, sit
καινός, -ή, -όν new
καρπός, -οῦ, ὁ fruit
καταργέω I bring to naught, abolish
κατοικέω I inhabit, dwell
καυχάομαι I boast
κλαίω I weep
κρατέω I grasp
κρίμα, -ατος, τό judgment
λογίζομαι I account, reckon
λυπέω I grieve
μανθάνω I learn
μάρτυς, -υρος, ὁ a witness (martyr)
μάχαιρα, -ης, ἡ a sword
μέλος, -ους, τό a member
μέρος, -ους, τό a part
μήτε neither, nor
μισέω I hate
μισθός, -οῦ, ὁ wages, reward
ναί yea, truly, yes
ναός, -οῦ, ὁ a temple
νεφέλη, -ης, ἡ a cloud
νίκαω I conquer
οἰκοδομέω I build, edify
ὀμνύω/μι Ι swear, take an oath
ὁμοίως likewise
ὁμολογέω I confess, profess
ὀπίσω (with gen.) behind, after
ὀργή, -ῆς, ἡ anger
οὐαί woe!, alas!
οὐχι not
πάντοτε always
παραγγέλλω I command, charge
παράκλησις, -εως, ἡ an exhortation, consolation
παρέρχομαι I pass by, pass away; I arrive
παρίστημι I am present, stand by
παρρησία, -ας, ἡ boldness (of speech), confidence
πάσχα, τό a passover
περισσεύω I abound, am rich
περιτομή, -ῆς, ἡ circumcision
πλανάω I lead astray
πλήν however, but, only, except (with gen.)
πλουσιος, -α, -ον rich
πνευματικός, -ή, -όν spiritual
πόθεν when?
πορνεία, -ας, ἡ fornication
πόσος, -η, -ον how great? how much?
ποτήριον, -ου, τό a cup
πράσσω Ι do, perform
πρόβατον, -ου, τό a sheep
προσευχή, -ῆς, ἡ prayer
προσέχω I attend to, give heed to
προσκαλέομαι I summon
προφητεύω Ι prophesy
πτωχός, -ή, -όν poor; a poor man (as a noun)
σκανδαλίζω I cause to stumble
σπέρμα, -ατος, τό a seed
σταυρός, -οῦ, ὁ a cross
συνείδησις, -εως, ἡ conscience
συνίημι I understand
τέλος, -ους, τό end
τιμή, -ῆς, ἡ honor, price
τρίτος, -η, -ον third
ὑπάρχω Ι am, exist
ὑπομονή, -ῆς, ἡ steadfast endurance
ὑποτάσσω I subject, put in subjection
φίλος, -η, -ον loving, a friend (as a noun)
φόβος, -ου, ὁ fear, terror
φρονέω I think
φυλάσσω I guard
φυλή, -ῆς, ἡ a tribe
φωνέω I call
χήρα, -ας, ἡ a widow
χωρίς (with gen.) without, apart from
ἀγαγών having led
ἀγαθός, -ή, -όν good
ἀγαπάω I love
ἀγάπη, ἡ love
ἄγγελος, ὁ an angel, a messenger
ἁγιάζω I sanctify, I consecrate, I make/keep holy
ἅγιος, -α, -ον holy
ἀγρός, ὁ a field
ἄγω I lead
ἀδελφός, ὁ a brother
αἷμα, αἵματος, τό blood
αἴρω I take up, I take away
αἰτέω I ask, I request
αἰών, αἰῶνος, ὁ an age
αἰώνιος, -ον eternal
ἀκολουθέω I follow
ἀκούω I hear
ἀλήθεια, ἡ truth
ἀληθής, -ές true
ἀλλά but
ἀλλήλων of each other, of one another
ἄλλος, -η, -ο other
ἁμαρτάνω I sin
ἁμαρτία, ἡ a sin, sin
ἁμαρτωλός, ὁ a sinner
ἀναβαίνω I go up
ἀναβλέπω (fut. ἀναβλέψω) I look up, I receive my sight
ἀναλαμβάνω I take up
ἀνήρ, ἀνδρός, ὁ a man
ἄνθρωπος, ὁ a man, a person, a human being; plur. men, people
ἀνίστημι I cause to rise, I stand up, I arise
ἀνοίγω I open
ἀντί + gen. instead of, for, in exchange for
ἀπέθανον I died
ἀπεκρίθην I answered
ἀπέκτεινα I have killed
ἀπέλυσα I released
ἀπέρχομαι I go away
ἀπέστειλα I have sent
ἀπό + gen. from
ἀποδίδωμι I give back, I give what is owed or promised, I render, I pay
ἀποθανοῦμαι I will die
ἀποθνήσκω I die
ἁποκρίνομαι I answer
ἀποκτείνω I kill
ἀποκτενῶ I will kill
ἀπόλλυμι I destroy, I perish (mid.)
ἀπολύσω I will release
ἀπολύω I release
ἀποστέλλω I send
ἀποστελῶ I will send
ἀπόστολος, ὁ an apostle
ἄρα then, therefore
ἄρτος, ὁ a piece of bread, a loaf, bread
ἀρχή, ἡ a beginning, a first thing, a principle
ἄρχω I rule; middle, I begin
ἄρχων, ἄρχοντος, ὁ a ruler
ἀρῶ I will take up, I will take away
ἀσπάζομαι I greet, I salute
αὐτός, -ή, -ό he, she, it
ἀφίημι I let go, I permit, I leave, I forgive
ἄχρι until, while
ἄχρι + gen. up to, as far as, until
βαίνω I go
βάλλω I throw, I cast, I put
βαλῶ I will throw, I will cast
βαπτίζω I baptize
βασιλεία, ἡ a kingdom
βασιλεύς, βασιλέως, ὁ a king
βήσομαι (dep. fut. of βαίνω) I will go
βιβλίον, τό a book
βλέπω I see
Γαλιλαία, ἡ Galilee
γάρ for
γενήσομαι (dep. fut. of γίνομαι) I will become
γεννάω I beget, I become the parent of
γένος, γένους, τό a race, a kind
γῆ, ἡ earth, land
γίνομαι I become
γινώσκω I know
γλῶσσα, ἡ a tongue, a language
γνώσομαι (dep. fut. of γινώσκω) I will know
γράμμα, γράμματος, τό a letter
γραμματεύς, γραμματέως, ὁ a scribe
γραφείς having been written
γραφή, ἡ a writing, a Scripture
γράφω I write
γυνή, γυναικός, ἡ a woman
δαιμόνιον, τό a demon
δέ but, and
δεῖ it is necessary
δείκνυμι I show, I demonstrate
δέχομαι I receive
δηλόω I show, I make clear
διά + acc. on account of
διά + gen. through
διδάξω (fut. of διδάσκω) I will teach
διδάσκαλος, ὁ a teacher
διδάσκω I teach
δίδωμι I give
διέρχομαι I go through
δίκαιος, -α, -ον righteous
δικαιοσύνη, ἡ righteousness
διό therefore, for this reason
διώκω (fut. διώξω) I pursue, I persecute
δοκέω I seem, I think
δόξα, ἡ glory
δοξάζω (fut. δοξάσω) I glorify
δοῦλος, ὁ a slave, a servant
δυναμαι I am able
δύναμαι I am able
δυναμις, δυνάμεως, ἡ power, a miracle
δύο two
δῶρον, τό a gift
ἐάν if
ἐάν μη unless
ἑαυτοῦ, -ης, -ου of him - (her-, it-) self
ἔβαλον I threw, I cast
ἐβλήθην I was thrown, I was cast
ἐγγίζω I come near
ἐγγύς near
ἐγείρω I raise up
ἐγενήθην I became
ἐγενόμην I became
ἐγερῶ I will raise up
ἔγνων I knew
ἐγνώσθην I was known
ἐγώ I
ἐδιδάχθην I was taught
ἔθνος, ἔθνους, τό a nation
εἰ if
εἰ whether
εἶδον I saw
εἰμί I am
εἶναι to be
εἶπον I said
εἰπών having said
εἰρήνη, ἡ peace
εἰς + acc. into
εἰς τὸν αἰῶνα for ever
εἰς τοὺς αἰῶνας τῶν αἰώνων for ever and ever
εἷς, μία, ἕν one
εἰσέρχομαι I go in, I enter
ἐκ + gen. (ἑξ before vowels) out of
ἕκαστος, -η, -ον each
ἐκεῖ there
ἐκεῖνος, -η, -ο that
ἐκήρυξα Ι preached, I proclaimed
ἐκηρύχθην I was preached, I was proclaimed
ἐκκλησία, ἡ a church
ἐκπορεύομαι I go out
ἔλαβον I took
ἐλάσσων, -ον less
ἐλεέω I have mercy on, I pity
ἐλεύσομαι (dep. fut. of ἔρχομαι) I will come, I will go
ἐλήμφθην I was taken, I was received
ἐλθών having come
ἐλπίς, ἐλπίδος, ἡ a hope
ἐμαυτοῦ of myself
ἔμεινα I have remained
ἐμός, -ή, -όν belonging to me, my
ἔμπροσθεν in front, in the presence of (with gen.)
ἐν + dat. into
ἐνεγκών having borne, having brought
ἐντολή, ἡ a commandment
ἐνώπιον before, in the sight of, in the presence of (with gen.)
ἕξ six
ἐξέρχομαι I go out
ἔξεστι(ν) it is lawful
ἐξουσία, ἡ authority
ἔξω outside, outside of (with gen.)
ἕξω (fut. of ἔχω) I will have
ἐπαγγελία, ἡ a promise
ἐπερωτάω I ask a question of, I question
ἐπί + acc. to, against, on
ἐπί + dat. on the basis of, at, on
ἐπί + gen. over, on, at the time of
ἐπιθυμία, ἡ a strong desire, lust
ἐπιστρέφω I turn, I return
ἐπιτίθημι I lay upon
ἐπορεύθην I went
ἐπωτάω I ask a question, I ask a question of, I question, I ask
ἐργάζομαι I work
ἔργον, τό a work
ἔρημος, ἡ a desert
ἔρχομαι I come, I go
ἐρῶ I will say
ἐσθίω I eat
ἔσομαι I will be
ἐσπάρην I was sown
ἔσπειρα I have sown
ἔσχατος, -η, -ον last
ἔσχον I had
ἕτερος, -α, -ον another
ἔτι still, yet
ἑτοιμάζω I prepare
ἔτος, ἔτους τό a year
εὐαγγέλιζομαι I preach the gospel, I preach the gospel to
εὐαγγέλιον, τό a gospel
εὐθέως, εὐθύς immediately, right away
εὐλογέω I bless
εὑρίσκω I find
εὐχαριστέω I give thanks
ἔφαγον I ate
ἐχθρός, ὁ an enemy
ἔχω I have
ἕως until, while
ἕως + gen. up to, as far as, unto
ζάω I live
ζητέω I seek
ζωή, ἡ a life
ἤγαγον I led
ἤγειρα I have raised up
ἠγέρθην I was raised
ἤδη already
ἤθελον was wishing, was wanting
ἠκούσθην I was heard
ἦλθον I came, I went
ἡμεῖς we
ἡμέρα, ἡ a day
ἡμέτερος, -α, -ον belonging to us, our
ἤνεγκα I bore, I brought
ἠνέχθην I was borne, I was brought
ἦρα I have taken up, I have taken away
ἤχθην I was led
θάλασσα, ἡ a lake, a sea
θάνατος, ὁ a death
θαυμάζω I wonder I marvel, I wonder at
θέλημα, θελήματος, τό a will
θέλω Ι wish
θεός, ὁ a God, God
θεραπύω I heal
θεωρέω I gaze at, I stare intently at
θλῖψις, -εως, ἡ tribulation
θνήσκω I die
θρόνος, ὁ a throne
Ἰάκωβος, ὁ James
ἴδιος, -α, -ον private, belonging to one's self, one's own
ἰδού look! behold!
ἰδών having seen
ἱερεύς, ἱερέως, ὁ a priest
ἱερόν, τό a temple
Ίησοῦς, Ίησοῦ, ὁ Jesus
ἱκανός, -ή, -όν sufficient, worthy, considerable
ἱμάτιον, τό a garment
ἵνα in order that
Ἰουδαῖος, ὁ a Jew
ἵστημι I cause to stand, I stand
ἰσχυρότερος, -α, -ον stronger
καθαρός, -ά, -όν clean, pure
κάθημαι I sit
καθώς just as
καί and
καί and, also, even
καί...καί both…and
καιρός a time, a fixed time, an appointed time, an appropriate season
κακός, -ή, -όν bad
καλέω I call
καλός, -ή, -όν good, beautiful
καλῶς well
καρδία, ἡ a heart
καρπός, ὁ a fruit
κατά + acc. according to
κατά + gen. against
καταβαίνω I go down
κατέρχομαι I go down
κελεύω I command
κεφαλή, ἡ a head
κηρύσσω (fut. κηρύξω) I proclaim, I preach
κόσμος, ὁ a world
κράζω I cry out
κρείσσων, -ον better
κρίνω I judge
κρίσις, κρίσεως, ἡ a judgment
κύριος, ὁ a lord, the Lord
κωλύω I hinder, I prevent
κώμη, ἡ a village
λαλέω I speak
λαμβάνω I take, I receive
λάος, ὁ a people
λέγω I say
λείπω I leave
λήμψομαι (dep. fut. of λαμβάνω) I will take, I will receive
λίθος, ὁ a stone
λόγος, ὁ a word
λοιπός, -ή, -όν remaining
λύω I loose, I destroy
μαθητής, ὁ a disciple
μακάριος, -α, -ον blessed
μᾶλλον more, rather
μαρτυρέω I bear witness
μαρτυρία, ἡ a witnessing, a testimony, a witness
μέγας, μεγάλη, μέγα great
μείζων, -ον greater
μέλλω I am about (to do something), I am going (to do something)
μέν...δέ on the one hand…on the other
μενῶ I will remain
μένω I remain
μέσος, -η, -ον middle, in the midst
μετά + acc. after
μετά + gen. with
μετανοέω I repent
μέχρι until
μέχρι + gen. until, as far as, to the degree that
μή lest, in order that not
μηδέ and not, nor, not even
μηδείς, μηδεμία, μηδέν no one, nothing
μηκέτι no longer
μήποτε lest, lest perhaps
μήτηρ, μητρός, ἡ a mother
μικρός, -ά, -όν small, little
μνημεῖον, τό a tomb
μόνον only
μὀνος, -η, -ον alone, only
μυστήριον, τό a mystery, a secret
νεκρός, -ά, -όν dead
νόμος, ὁ a law
νῦν now
νύξ, νυκτός, ἡ a night
ὁ, ἡ, τό the
ὁδός, ἡ a road, a way
οἶδα I know
οἰκία, ἡ a house
οἶκος, ὁ a house
οἶνος, ὁ wine
ὀλίγος, -η, -ον little, few
ὅλος, -η, -ον whole, all
ὅμοιος, -α, -ον like, similar
ὄνομα, ὀνόματος, τό a name
ὀξύς, -εῖα, -ύ sharp
ὅπου where (relative)
ὅπως in order that
ὁράω I seek
ὄρος, ὄρους, τό a mountain
ὅς, ἥ, ὅ who, which, that
ὅσος, -η, -ον as great as, as much as, as many as
ὅστις, ἥτις, ὅ τι whoever, whichever, whatever
ὅταν whenever
ὅτε when (relative)
ὅτι that, because
οὐ (οὐκ before vowels, οὐχ before the rough breathing) not
οὐδέ and not, nor, not even
οὐδέ...οὐδέ neither…nor
οὐδείς, οὐδεμία, οὐδέν no one, nothing
οὐκέτι no longer
οὖν accordingly, therefore, then
οὔπω not yet
οὐρανός, ὁ heaven
οὖς, ὠτός, τό an ear
οὔτε and not, nor
οὗτος, αὗτη, τοῦτο this
οὕτως thus, so
ὀφείλω I owe, I ought
ὀφθαλμός, ὁ an eye
ὄχλος, ὁ a crowd, a multitude
ὄψομαι I will see
παιδίον, τό a little child
πάλιν again
παρά + acc. alongside of
παρά + dat. beside, in the presence of
παρά + gen. from
παραβολή, ἡ a parable
παραγίνομαι I become near, I arrive, I come
παραδίδωμι I deliver over
παρακαλέω I exhort, I comfort
παραλαμβάνω I receive, I take along
πᾶς, πᾶσα, πᾶν all, every
πάσχω I suffer
πατήρ, πατρός, ὁ a father
πείθω I persuade
πειράζω I tempt
πέμπω I send
πεντακισχίλιοι, -αι, -α five thousand
πέντε five
περί + acc. around
περί + gen. concerning, about
περιπατέω I walk
Πέτρος, ὁ Peter
πίνω I drink
πίπτω I fall
πιστεύω I believe
πίστις, πίστεως, ἡ faith
πιστός, -ή, -όν faithful
πλείων, -ον more
πλῆθος, πλήθους, τό a multitude
πλήρης, -ες full
πληρόω I fill, I fulfill
πληρόω I fulfill
πλοῖον, τό a boat
πνεῦμα, πνεύματος, τό a spirit, the Spirit
ποιέω I do, I make
ποῖος, -α, -ον what sort of?
πόλις, πόλεως, ἡ a city
πολύς, πολλή, πολύ much, many
πονηρός, -ά, -όν evil
πορεύομαι I go
ποῦ where?
πούς, ποδός, ὁ a foot
πρεσβύτερος, ὁ an old man, an elder (leader in the church)
πρό + gen. before
πρός + acc. to, toward, in the presence of
προσέρχομαι I come to, I go to
προσεύχομαι (dep. fut. of προσεύξομαι) I pray
προσκυνέω I worship
προσφέρω I bring to
πρόσωπον, τό a face
προφήτης, ὁ a prophet
πρῶτος, -η, -ον first
πῦρ, πυρός, τό a fire
πῶς how?
ῥῆμα, ῥήματος, τό a word
σάββατον, τό sabbath
σάρξ, σαρκός, ἡ flesh
σεαυτοῦ of yourself
σημεῖον, τό a sign, a miracle
Σίμων, Σίμωνος, ὁ Simon
σκότος, σκότους, τό darkness
σός, -ή, -όν belonging to you (s.), your
σοφία, ἡ wisdom
σπείρω I sow
σπερῶ I will sow
στάδιον, τό a stadium, a furlong
σταυρόω I crucify
στόμα, στόματος, τό a mouth
στρατιώτης, ὁ a soldier
σύ you (s.)
σύν + dat. with
συνάγω I gather together
συναγωγή, ἡ a synagogue
συνέρχομαι I come together
σώζω I save
σῶμα, σώματος, τό a body
σωτηρία, ἡ salvation
τε and, furthermore, also
τε...τε not only…but also
τέκνον, τό a child
τελέω I finish
τέσσαρες, -α four
τηρέω I keep
τίθημι I place, I put
τίθημι τὴν ψυχήν I lay down my life
τιμάω I honor
τις, τι someone, something, a certain one, a certain thing
τίς, τί who? which? what?
τοιοῦτος, τοιαύτη, τοιοῦτο such
τόπος, ὁ a place
τότε then
τρῖες, τρία three
τύπος, ὁ a type, a pattern
τυφλός, ὁ a blind man
ὕδωρ, ὕδατος, τό water
υἱός, ὁ a son
ὑμεῖς you (p.)
ὑμέτερος, -α, -ον belonging to you (p.), your
ὑπάγω I go away
ὑπέρ + acc. above
ὑπέρ + gen. in behalf of
ὑπό + acc. under
ὑπό + gen. by
ὑποστρέφω I return
φάγομαι I will eat
φαίνω I shine, (I appear, I become visible (mid.))
φανερόω I make known, I reveal
Φαρισαῖος, ὁ a Pharisee
φέρω I bear, I bring
φεύγω I flee
φημί I say
φιλέω I love
φοβέομαι I am afraid, I fear, I am afraid of
φυλακή, ἡ a guard, a prison
φωνή, ἡ a voice
φῶς, φωτός, τό light
χαίρω I rejoice
χαρά, ἡ joy
χάρις, χάριτος, ἡ grace
χείρ, χειρός, ἡ a hand
χρεία, ἡ a need
Χριστός, ὁ Christ
χρόνος, ὁ time
χώρα, ἡ a country, a region
ψυχή, ἡ a soul, a life
ὧδε hither, there
ὤν, οὖσα, ὄν being
ὥρα, ἡ an hour
ὡς as
ὡς as, when
ὥσπερ just as
ὥστε so that
ὥστε so that
ὤφθην I was seen
Created by: broiam