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Different financial situations change ins. coverage, ability to get care and what type of care Rationing of health care
Health Maintenance Program which are prepaid, group managed care, usually have to stay "in network of MD's" HMO- Health Maintenance Organizations
Healthcare provided n defined demo area. Is centered to individuals and family Community based care
system in which the use of healthcare services are controlled and monitored there are usually protocols for tx and is usually preapproved Managed Care
used by HMO & PPo's to keep costs low usually seen as a way to deny tx Capitation
wearable/ implantable monitors for medical conditions physiological monitoring
IVD computer analysis speeds diagnosis( blood, urine, body tissue samples) diagnostic techniques
wearable/ implantable insulin or glucose pumps, medicated stents drug admin
3 types of health organizations Primary, Secondary, tertiary
contact with pt is minutes to hours in and out care( ER, office visits)
Providers care to pts where stay is less than 24 hours short stay
care is more than 24 hours but less than 30 days acute care
longer than 30 days for chronic illness may be for a lifetime or recovery period Long term Care
services owned by stated, federal or local govt may use tax dollars Government Owned facilities ( ex- VA)
investor owned and operated by corp or stockholders Proprietary agencies
operated by universities, religious organization, fraternal groups. All profit above that needed for maint. and operations must go to improvement and growth Non- Profit Agencies
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