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Quiz on Africa

What does GDP per capita tell us about a country's development? when goes up it increase goes and when goes down it decrease
what is desertification the process by which fertile land becomes desert typically as a result of drought deforestation or in appropriate.
what are the causes of desertification human activity can prevent through stricken land from recovering.
what is the berlin conference berlin conference meeting of European power to carve out sphere of influence in 1884
what is apartheid and where did it occur rigid former policy of segregating and economically and political oppressing the nonwhite population South Africa.
who is Nelson Mandela and what his role in south Africa was leading member of the African national congress opposed south Africa
why is north Africa very different from sub Sahara Africa north Africa is the north and sub Sahara Africa in the south
what is the great rift valley A systems of geologic depression in southwest Asia and east Africa extending from the Jordan River valley to mozamblaua
what are the positive and negative of the Aswan High Dam positive: fishing industry and negatives pollution
how would you describe Africa natural resource sustainable agriculture
what caused the genocide in Rwanda Rwandan Civil War
what was the united nation role in Rwanda in the genocide Rwanda genocide
describe a traditional economic system is a original economy systems in the which traditional custom and beliefs shape the goods and the service.
what region of Africa is experiencing an aids epidemics Berlin
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