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ch 1 Intro

Intro for BIO

Most of the terminology to name and describe body parts and their functions comes from Latin and Greek.
An investigator who conducts an experiment to determine how temperature changes affect the rate at which the heart beats is most likely a(n) . physiologist.
Anatomy and physiology are difficult to separate because anatomical structures determine which functions are possible.
The activities of an anatomist consist of ______, whereas those of a physiologist consist of _____. observing body parts; studying functions of body parts
The term "anatomy" means a cutting up.
The term "physiology" means mechanisms of action in the body.
Which of the following is not true of organelles? They are only in cells of humans.
Which of the following lists best illustrates the idea of increasing levels of complexity? Organelles, cells, tissues, organs, organ systems
In all organisms, the basic unit of structure and function is the cell.
Specialized cell types organized in a way that provides a specific function form tissues, which build organs.
Simple squamous epithelium is an example of a(n) tissue.
Assimilation is changing absorbed substances into different chemical forms.
The ability of an organism to sense changes in its body illustrates responsiveness.
Which of the following characteristics of life and their descriptions Circulation the movement of substances in body fluids
Physical and chemical changes or reactions in the body are collectively known as metabolism.
Which of the following processes does not help to maintain the life of an individual organism? Reproduction
Which of the following processes is necessary to ensure the continuation of the human species? Reproduction
Homeostasis is the . tendency of the body to maintain a stable environment.
Which of the following is not an example of a homeostatic mechanism in the human body? pulling blankets over yourself when cold at night.
How do living organisms use oxygen? To release energy stored in the molecules of food.
Maintaining a stable internal environment typically requires negative feedback
A blood clot stimulating further clotting is an example of positive feedback.
Which is a factor that the human body must obtain from the environment in order to survive? Water
Homeostasis exists if concentrations of water, nutrients, and oxygen in body parts and heat and pressure __________. remain within certain limited ranges
Homeostatic mechanisms are said to act by negative feedback because changes away from the normal state stimulate changes in the opposite direction.
Positive feedback mechanisms move conditions away from the normal state.
Which of the following illustrates positive feedback control? Maintaining blood pressure
Positive feedback mechanisms usually produce unstable conditions.
Which of the following organs is in the abdominopelvic cavity? The kidneys
The membrane on the surface of a lung is called the visceral pleura.
Which of the following is not part of the female reproductive system? The bulbourethral gland
The thoracic cavity lies _____________ to the abdominopelvic cavity. superior
In organs of which system are blood cells produced? Skeletal
A parietal layer of serous membrane _______, whereas a visceral layer of a serous membrane ________. lines cavities; covers organs
Cell death first occurs in the fetus
Wrinkled and sagging skin results from loss of subcutaneous fat and less elastin and collagen.
Signs of aging at the cellular level are impaired cell division and the ability to break down and recycle worn cell parts
An anatomical section that separates the body into right and left portions is a __________ section. sagittal
The upper midportion of the abdomen is called the ____. Epigastric
Two anatomical terms that refer to features near the surface are superficial and peripheral.
Which of the following are vital signs? Body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse rate
Magnetic resonance imaging might be used to .distinguish between normal and cancerous tissue.
stem cells 1-divide and renew themselves 2-remain undifferentiated in form 3-develop into a variety of specialize cell
growing into any cell type and has the ability to create a human Totipotent
a cell that can divide and give rise to any cell type is Totipotent
Apoptosis is also known as programmed cell death
Lucky people who cannot be infected with HIV are protected because their cells lack receptors that admit the virus
Adrenoleukodystrophy is caused by a deficiency of a protein in the outer membrane of peroxisomes
Created by: lula78
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