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RADT 465: Pt Care

ARRT Registry Review: Patient Care

Definition Term
drug used to treat dysrhythmias Lidocaine Lange Q & A pg.17
adult compressions per minute 80- 100 Lange Q & A pg. 18
total number of dissolved particles in solution per kilogram of water osmality Lange Q & A pg.18
deficiency of Vitamin D in children that impacts bone growth Rickets Lange Q & A pg. 19
bone fails to calcify (adults) osteomalacia Lange Q & A pg. 19
legal document that preserves patient's rights when patient is incapable directive/ living will Lange Q & A pg. 20
decision maker if patient is not capable proxy Lange Q & A pg. 20
medication to increase defecation: used as prep for some radiology exams cathartics Lange Q & A pg. 21
medication that inhibits coughing antitussives Lange Q & A pg. 21
what fluoro test would be ordered for the diagnosis of varices and achalasia? esophagram Lange Q & A pg. 22
dilation of esophagus as a result of cardiac sphincter failure to relax and allow food to pass to stomach achalasia Lange Q & A pg. 22
type of shock related to loss of large amounts of blood from bleeding or hemorrhage hypovolemic shock Lange Q & A pg. 23
type of shock that pooling blood in the peripheral vessels and it is in cases of trauma to the CNS that decreases arterial resistance and pooling of blood in peripheral neurogenic shock Lange Q & A pg. 23
contaminated inanimate objects fomite Lange Q & A pg. 24
an insect or animal carrier of infectious organisms vector Lange Q & A pg. 24
the health care provider's and the patient's actions contribute to injurious outcome contributory negligence Lange Q & A pg. 24
normal ranges for blood pressure systolic 110-140; diastolic 60-80
catheter used to measure the pumping ability of the heart to obtain pressure readings and for meds Swanz Ganz Lange Q & A pg. 25
BUN level 8- 25milligrams / 100 milliliter Lange Q & A pg. 27
normal creatinine level .6 -.15 milligram/ 100 milliliter Lange Q & A pg. 35
Created by: schwenk