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S2 Inheritance & DNA

What is the function of the cell membrane Controls the entry/exit of materials from the cell
What type of cells have a cell wall Plant cells
What is the function of Chloroplasts Site of Photosynthesis
What is a gamete a sex cell
Where does fertilisation take place? Oviduct (fallopian tube)
What is the name of the cell formed when fertilisation takes place? Zygote
What is the definition of fertilisation? When the nucleus of the sperm fuses with the nucleus of the egg (ovum)
Why is an egg bigger than a sperm Cytoplasm contains a food store
What is a gene? Part of a chromosome that codes for a characteristic
What are genes and chromosomes made of? DNA
What are the letters of the 4 bases in DNA arranged in their pairs/ AT GC
Why can DNA be used to identify people? Because everyone's DNA is different (except identical twins)
When might you want to use DNA to identify a human? To prove who the parents are To identify a body part or unrecognisable body To identify a criminal
When might you want to use DNA to identify an animal? To identify what meat is in your food To identify the owner of a dog that doesn't clean up after it.
What are the risks of using DNA profiling to identify a human Mistakes can still be made by people handling evidence. DNA can easily be planted at a crime scene Families can be torn apart by paternity tests.
How do you collect DNA for profiling? From skin cells From sperm From saliva From blood
How is DNA treated to perform DNA profiling DNA collected DNA cut into fragments by enzymes DNA fragments put into gel electrophoresis DNA gets separated into banding patterns
What does it mean if a gene is DOMINANT It will always be present
How many genes control a characteristic Two
Gender, eye colour and tongue rolling are examples of what type of variation? DIscrete
Height, mass and hand span are examples of what type of variation? Continuous
Name an example of an environmental variation Tatoos, Scars etc
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