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Regulatory Systems

Nervous & Endocrine System

1. Stimulus something that incites an action or reaction
2. Dendrite the branching part of the neuron that transmits impulses
3. Axon the part of the neuron that transmits impulses away from the cell body
4. Synapse area where nerve impulses are transmitted and received; between axon of one neuron & dendrites of next
5. Neurotransmitter chemical substance that transmits impulse across a synapse
6. Central nervous system the part of the nervous system made up of the brain & spinal column
7. Peripheral nervous system part of the nervous system outside of the brain & spinal column
8. Cerebrum the anterior & largest part of the brain which controls voluntary movement & coordinates mental actions
9. Cerebellum large part of brain that coordinates involuntary movements, posture & balance
10. Medulla oblongata lowest part of brain, continuous with spinal cord; controls heart & lungs
11. Somatic nervous system part of NS responsible for sensation & control of skeletal muscles
12. Reflex involuntary response to a stimulus; ex blinking, pulling hand away
13. Autonomic reflex system controls heart, blood vessels, smooth muscles, glands & their involuntary functions
14. Sympathetic nervous system Controls responses of body to stressful situations
15. Parasympathetic nervous system Controls the functions of the body associated with rest and digestion
16. Gland group of cells producing a secretion
17. Endocrine glands Secretions or hormones are secreted directly into the bloodstream
18. Hypothalamus located in brain and regulates pituitary gland
19. Pituitary gland master gland that influences other glands
20. Target cell cell selectively affected by a particular agent such as a virus, drug or hormone.
21. Receptor neurons specialized to be sensitive to sensory agents
22. Negative feedback mechanism Negative feedback is a reaction that causes a decrease in function because of some kind of stimulus
23. Adrenal gland Regulates the body's response to stress, metabolism, the immune system, and sexual function; located on top of kidneys
24. Thyroid gland Controls basal metabolism; As thyroid hormone levels increase, so does the speed at which chemical reactions occur in your body
25. Parathyroid glands Regulates calcium and phosphate levels in the blood; Necessary for blood clotting, nerve function, growth of bones and teeth
26. Sensory neuron receives the stimulus (heat, texture, odor, etc…)
27. Motor neuron responds to messages from the brain & spinal column
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