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RPS Study Guide

Study Guide for Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes.

Theo God
Ortho Straight
Dem People
Geo Earth
Turb Confusion
Div Seperate
Liber Free
Ques Ask
Mort Death
Cede, Ceed, Cess Go/Yield/Giveaway
Form Form or Shape
Rupt Break
Poli City
Cycl Circle
Mob, Mot, Mov Move
Duc, Duct Lead
Ven, Vent Come
Jud Judge
Loc, Locat Place
Agri Field
Ante Before
Antropo Man
Auto Self
Bene Good
Contra Against
Demos People
Ex Out
Fac, Fact To make or do
Man(u) Hand
Mis, Mit To send
Neo New
Pan All
Pre Before
Port To carry
Pro Forward
Proto First
Retro Backward
Spect To look
Trans Across
Able Capable/Worthy
Ation Form nouns
De Down/From
Dia Through/Between
Dict To say
Di, Dys, Dif Not/Negative
Equi Equal
Exter, Extra Outside of
Frag, Fract Break
Flux, Flu Flow
Graph, Gram To write
Gress To walk
Hyper Over/Above
Inter Between
Log, Logo, Loc Word/Speak
Mal Bad
Ity, Ty State of or quality of
Meta Beyond
Multi Many
Non Not
Para Beside
Pend To hang
Poly Many
Re Again
Scrib, Script To write
Sect, Sec Cut
Sub Under
Struct Build
Tract To pull or drag
Vert To turn
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