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What causes Wind? Wind is caused by differences in air pressure. Air moves form an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.
High Pressure is what type of air? warm or cooler. High Pressure is cooler air.
Low Pressure is what type of air? warm or cooler Low Pressure is warm air.
What causes wind? The air from an area of high pressure (cooler air) flows under an area of low pressure(warm air) and causes the warm air to rise.
What is used to measure wind speed? Hint: cups on a stick. Wind speed is measured by an "anomometer". It has 3 or 4 cups mounted on spokes that spin an axle.
What are Local Winds? Hint local pizza. Made in town Local Winds are winds made locally by heating of the earths surface. They blow short distances.
What are Global Winds? Hint the earth/globe. Global winds are winds made by warming of the earth overall. They blow form long distances. Doldrums, Horse Latitudes, Trade Winds.
What are Doldrums They are near the equator with little or no winds.
Horse Latitudes Latitudes 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south. The earth heats up at the equator. The rises quickly and is divided. Some flows north, some flows south. Looks like a horse shoe.
Trade Winds Used by early sailors who traded from Africa and Asia. Cold air from the horse sinks and it causes high pressure that cause big surface winds to blow.
Prevailing Winds Winds that blow from west to east.
Jet Streams High Speed winds 10km above the earth's surface. Hundreds of KM wide. Blow very fast. 200 to 400 km per hour.
What are the four layers of the Atmosphere? 1: Trosposphere(0 to 12 km above it). 2: Stratosphere (from 12 km to 50 km above earth) cold -60 C, 3: Merosphere (50 to 80 km) very cold -90 C 4: Thermosphere has two parts. (80 km to 550 km) 1,800 C
What is the bottom layer near earth called? Hint Trops 1: Trosposphere(from earth to 12 km above it).
What is the next layer after the Troposphere? Hint Strat 2: Stratosphere (from 12 km to 50 km above earth) cold -60 C, contains ozone layer/layer of haze that traps heat.
What is the next layer after the Stratosphere? Hint Meros 3: Merosphere (50 to 80 km) very cold -90 C. Meteoroids burn up in this layer.
What is the top layer called? Hint Thermo 4: Thermosphere 80 km to 550 km) 1,800 C (very warm) It is the last layer before space.
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