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Quality Assurance

What are the five basic components of a linear accelerator? Drive stand, gantry, patient support assembly, electronic cabinet, and console (Mosby, 2011, pg. 76)
The source of electrons in a linear accelerator come from________. Electron gun (Mosby, 2011, pg. 76)
What is the purpose of the magnetron and klystron? To produce microwaves for acceleration of electrons in the linear accelerator. The klystron amplifies microwaves in the higher power accelerators (Mosby, 2011, pg. 77)
Photons require a _______ filter and electrons require a ________ filter. Flattening, scattering (Mosby, 2011, pg. 77)
What systems must be functioning in order to treat a patient safely on a high energy machine? A two-way audio system and a visual system to monitor the patient and machine function (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 68)
Portal or field verification is defined as_________. The actual treatment using film or electronic imaging devices. (Mosbys, 2011, pg. 84)
Gaseous associated with machine hazards include: Treatment uses hazardous gases to operate. The machine can also create gases such as: sulfur hexafluoride and ozone (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 68)
The constancy of linac output for photon and electron beams must be checked. Daily (Mosbys, 2011, pg. 77)
The target to patient skin distance is measured using: An ODI (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 70)
The tolerance for the ODI indicator is: 2 mm. (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 70)
Localizing lasers on simulators must be within_______ of isocenter. 2 mm. (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 71)
Safety lights indicate that ____________ and should be located ________. The machine is on, over the doors of the treatments rooms and simulator rooms (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 68)
What are limit switches designed for? To prevent machine motion past the limit to prevent damage to the machine (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 68)
During a split filed test for longitudinal displacement of the collimator for jaw symmetry, the collimator is rotated through an angle of: 180 degrees (Mosbys, 2011, pg. 78)
If a therapist makes a mistake while delivering a patient’s treatment, who should be notified? The physicist (Radiation Essentials, 2010pg. 72)
How long should personal exposure records be kept? All personal exposure records must be kept indefinitely by the institution . (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 71)
What is an emergency off button designed to do? What does it shut down? An emergency off button is designed to disable all control circuits and it shuts down the machine. (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 68)
If the emergency off button fails, what is the next course of action? If an emergency off button fails, the main circuit breaker is the next course of action. All power of the machine will be cut off. (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 68)
Safety door interlocks should be checked: Daily (Mosbys, 2011, pg. 78)
What is a "walk-out test" is and how it is performed? A test performed to check the crosshair pertaining to radiation beam coincidence. It is performed by taking graph paper and rotating the collimator to insure that there is not “walk-out” of the crosshair.
What is the importance of performing a rotational, laser, and sidelight check each day before treatment? A rotational check should be performed to avoid mechanical collision and to make sure the gantry will rotate without hitting anything. A sidelight/laser check should be performed so that the lasers agree with each other and the isocenter.
Where is current machine data kept? Machine data that is current must be kept at the console. (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 71)
To check the accuracy of gantry digital readouts, one could use: A spirit level at 45-degree angle increments (Mosbys, 2011, pg. 78)
What process occurs when the machine enters the time delay mode? The process of real warm up occurs when the machine enters the time delay mode. (Radiation Essentials, 2010, pg. 67)
Daily quality checks for Cobalt Teletherapy units are important to complete in order to: Limit exposure to patients and personnel and beam direction (Mosbys, 2011, Pg. 79)
All brachytherapy sources are required to be __________ for leakage radiation ______ at a minimum. Wipe tested, semiannually (Mosbys, 2011, Pg. 81)
Wipe testing should be performed upon receipt of brachytherapy sources and then at ________ intervals for sources with long half-lives. 6-month (Mosbys, 2011, Pg. 81)
If a patient is released following temporary implants, surveys should be performed of the room to: Ensure that all active sources have been removed and returned to a safe location (Mosbys, 2011, Pg. 81)
OBI systems need regular _________ so that digital image processing is at optimum. Calibration (Mosbys, 2011,pg. 84)
Bolus materials should be checked regularly for ______, ______, and _______. Cleanliness, voids, and appropriate thickness. (Mosbys, 2011, Pg. 85)
Positioning and immobilization devices should be regularly inspected for ______, ______, and _______. Tears, leaks, and broken parts (Mosbys, 2011, Pg. 85)
Latching mechanisms for interlocking accessories such as cones, trays, and standard wedges should be checked ______. Monthly (Mosbys, 2011, Pg. 85)
Who is TJC and what role to they play in Quality Improvement? The Joint Commission (TJC), is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of care in health care settings (W&L, 2010, pg.364)
What is the Indicator Measurement (IM) System? Who created this tool The IM system was created by the TJC which provides a continuous evaluation of performance data that is used in the accreditation process. (W&L, 2010, pg. 372)
What are the components of a brachytherapy log book. The patient’s name, doctors signature, dates when the sources were signed out and returned, loading, number of sources, activity signed out, activity left in safe, activity returned, and the radiation safety officer on hand
What does Quality Improvement mean for a healthcare environment? Quality Improvement for a healthcare environment means a possible decrease in cost, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure quality throughout the healthcare environment. (W&L, 2010, pg. 364)
Why is a quality audit necessary? What does such an audit entail? To make sure that everything is running properly. An audit includes all aspects of radiation therapy process routinely and continuously measured, results analyzed and corrective action is taken as required ensuring quality patient care
Who should be included when putting together a quality improvement team in an oncology clinic? The team is composed of all personnel I the radiation oncology department who interacts with the patient and family this includes the director, staff physicians, physics team, radiation therapist, oncology nurses, and the support staff
What is the Indicator Measurement (IM) System? Who created this tool? The IM system was created by the TJC which provides a continuous evaluation of performance data that is used in the accreditation process. (W&L, 2010, pg. 372)
What should be some of the components of a Quality Improvement Plan? Components of a quality improvement plan should include organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes, and resources. (W&L, 2010, pg. 368
Compare the following programs: LEAN, SIX SIGMA, and LEAN SIX SIGMA. Each program aids in assisting in improving quality and reducing costs. Lean is a system-wide set of methods and tools used for improving speed and efficiency, six sigma focuses on improving precision and accuracy, and lean six sigma is just both.
The important QA tests associcated with th light field are: Field size accuracy and light and radiation field coincidence (Mosbys, 2011 , pg. 77)
Functional performance of radiation therapy equipment can: Change due to malfunction of system electronics or component fault and wear and tearl of the equipment (Mosbys, 2011, pg. 77)
The constancy of linac output, when compared with the benchmark values established during commissioning, must be within: 3% (Mosbys, 2011 , pg. 78)
The x-ray beam in the linac must exhibit flatness within about: 2% (Mosbys, 2011 , pg. 78)
Scan and couch vertical positional accuracy for CT planning must be: About 2 mm. (Mosbys, 2011, pg. 82)
A quality tool such as the ______ system produces portal intensity maps for each field using a phantom. Mapcheck (Mosbys, 2011 , pg. 86)
The process for testing a new accelerator against manufacturer’s specifications before putting it into service is termed: Acceptance testing (Mosbys, 2011 , pg.77 )
Output corrections must be made monthly when using cobalt sources. The correction is about: 1% per month (Mosbys, 2011, pg.79)
Gantry and collimator indicators should be accurate to within ___ degree 1 (Mosbys, 2011, pg. 78)
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